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As I began experimenting with the program Audacity, a sound editing software, I chose to complete a project on a local musician and fellow classmate. I wanted to incorporate music into the background of the interview. During the completion of this project, I used the tools in Audactiy to edit the interview to boost the sound of my interviewee as well as combine his band's music. This is the final product of my podcast.

Other programs I have experimented with include, Blender, a three-dimensional graphics application and Inform 7, a design system for developing Interactive Fiction games, popular in the 1980's. By using the Blender software, I created a 3D liquid which poured from a cylindar object. Throughout the visual tutorial, I explained the process step-by-step.
The Inform 7 project is strictly a word and language game without graphics and animation. The creation of these games are very tedioius and involve specific coding and creativity for a story plot. An example of my coding can be found ">here. The ending result of the Inform 7 project is an actual hospital game in which you, the player, are the protagonist and a patient trying to navigate the mysterious hallways and escape what is so unfamiliar to you.

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