Batman is my secret identity

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When using Facebook, one has to watch how they distribute their online "identity." One of the many reason I use facebook, is to look at pictures of people, where they've been, what their hobbies are, etc. So many pictures involve violence, drugs, and alcohol. Sometimes these pictures may be just "fun and games" but no one will know that because it all looks realistic. Assumption and judgement are two qualities everyone has and when your "fun and games" are displayed for the public, a reputation develops in the negative sense. Maybe next time, one will think twice about displaying a questionable image of themselves for the world to see.

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Not everything we see is real,maybe just a figment of our imagination,alias,alter ego's.I have seen things that were questionable but did I persue action?absolutely not!People like to try and fool the general public,or juist post "questionable" pics of themselves for pure "shock value".

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