Computer Geek Generation

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I got to thinking, what if the past centuries inventors were too lazy or never existed? If our generation wasn't so technologically advanced, It's hard to say where we would be? Maybe still cooking over a fire outside? As for the Keyboard idea that was shot down because it "exceeded the labor to be saved by its use, since all it could accomplish could be duplicated by sufficient use of pencil and paper." Now, if that keyboard idea was never attempted and successful, I'd be writing all this with a pencil. Actually I wouldn't be writing this at all, because the topic wouldn't exist. However, technology has influenced the way we live. I can't think of the last time, I physically wrote a report for school or even if I did. Without computers, our lives would be completely different. We might as well as live in the 80's! Haha. But think of how people react when the power goes out at their house? They can't check the weather online, or order pizza from the Papa John's Website. Our little worlds revolve around computers and they have changed our lives dramatically.

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This article also made me think about "technology through the ages".

I also thought what it would have meant to Vannevar Bush, and wondered if we were fulfilling the hopes he had when this was written.

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