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I've been aware of the dangers of posting your thoughts and opinions online. I know that the record of those comments will linger in the world wide web for a very long time. However, It's weird to think that people can refer to your blog entries 10 years from now. Based on your actions a decade ago may not define who you are now. People are used to posting their thoughts online:
"If you have a meeting over lunch and you air a strong opinion, you wouldn't expect someone to come back a year later and read your statement, letter for letter. People got used to expressing themselves in that kind of venue. Now the expectation doesn't map with the reality."
I don't want other people to look back and see how nieve I once was. The past is the past for a reason. What is private anymore? What cannot be recorded? Will people have secret microchips planted in their ears to hear your private thoughts next?

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