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Well, it all started with my first blog entry back in September of 2006. However recently, I have been through a bunch of Beta Testing for my IF game. I haggled a few victims to test my IF game. What an experience that was! For one of my victims, I had to explain very little about Interactive Fiction, and he caught on very quickly but failed to find the humor in it. Anyways, for my other victim, she was more difficult, but appreciated my humor. In the end she didn't understand the game. It reminded me of myself as I was confused on how not to pick up the Phonebooth. Through Beta-testing my IF game, I noticed it is an easy way to pick up on mistakes and fix them to make your game more playable. Overall, I thought IF games were fun, but making them is really hard. I have the right imagination, but the code is very difficult. Overall, I think my progress is going along great. I'm not as lost as I used to be and Karissa and Paul help me out alot. I should have befriended them sooner! :)

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