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Podcasting, talk radio, and television news are three ways to get what’s going on in the world around you. However, there are differences in all of them.
Podcasting is new to me personally. The first time I had ever listened to a podcast was for this paper. While listening to the podcast, I noticed how satirical they were. It is a form of news, yet non-professional and opinionated. The news stories they delivered were true, but as a comical effect, the hosts would make fun of the ordinary people in the news story.
I listened to two podcasts. The first was Saturday Night Pie which by the title tells you it’s a pun off of Saturday Night Live. It mostly has the same content and satire that SNL does have. The second podcast was This is the Last Angry Man. This podcast was very creative with its own style. It mainly talked about the wrongdoings of George W. Bush. The hosts used Bush’s personal speech but only played his recorded voice during the times they wanted to “bash” him. The hosts were choosing words to place in with Bush’s voice to make him sound like a horrible person.
Both of these podcasts were only for entertainment purposes only, with the occasional education clip here and there. However, examining the podcasts as a whole, they were very comical and satirical.
As for talk radio, that is very similar to television news, except you don’t see anything. Talk radio is news delivered via radio, minus the glamorous reporters and visuals. Talk radio also expands on topics more. They can talk about one topic for hours at a time, when television news covers the story for about three minutes. Talk radio can be opinionated as well. However, it is not satirical like podcasting can be. Opinion is placed with talk radio, but not to the point where the news is ignored over one’s opinion.
As for television news, which is more common than the other two, is all the same in the end. Television reporters have their good looks and perfect speech to deliver the news that is happening all around you. There is always some kind of “breaking news” that draws you into the TV, which ultimately shows about 15 seconds of the front of a house where a baby was stolen earlier that day. While delivering the story off of their almost memorized script, their smiles and corny sense of humor enlightens us between topics of breaking news and the murder down the street.
Now I’m not bashing television news, I’m just comparing this news media to talk radio and podcasting. In fact, I would rather watch television news over the other news media. Even though, the information is brief, visual image is everything. Those without an imagination can’t put the facts together and picture it. Personally, I can do that, however, I like pictures, illustrations if you will to put a name to a face kind of thing.
In the end, all three of the news medias have their differences. Depending if you want comedy, news, or ongoing conversations about one topic, you must choose between television news, podcasting, and talk radio.

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