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CrImE sCeNe InVeStIgAtOrS

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The one investigation I came across was of the little girl Madeleine McCann, age 3 who was kidnapped from a hotel earlier this year. Police have a suspect, however they do not have any real evidence to arrest him. All they have done to suspect, Robert Murat, 33, is question him. He is not even behind bars and so far into the investigation there are no other suspects.

In the case of 2 brothers who were shot today and the crime is reported and being investigated. Since it is very current there really is no suspect reported until a witness comes forward or fingerprints reveal anything.

Every crime story progresses differently due to the difference in victims, crime committed, weapon, witnesses, etc.
Even though these reports were filed months apart, the situation of the suspect remains ideally the same, vritually unknown. However, once a hint comes up it then turns to the journalist to report it and add to the story.

As I was searching the web for crime stories, I came across a local event in my hometown. It is a charity event and certainly not a feature story but more of an announcement. The girl, Amanda McQuillan who is planning the event was interviewed and one of her quotes was published. However, the event has yet to happen and once it does, I understand that a follow up story would have participants quoted in it and possible sponsors. So does this mean it is a more of an announcementt that doesn't matter if there are more sources in it. If so, it is a rather lengthy announcement yet provides a lot more information than any bingo tournament would.
Either way, I like the full attempt to provide as much information without writing a novel.

Schmictim, Dead Victim

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Interviewing is a very challenging process in journalism. You have to get the right source and at least 2 additional ones. In a crime situation, the victim is not always capable of being interviewed. For example, it is only common sense to realize a murder victim can no longer speak therefore the interview must go to someone else. One of the reasons you shouldn't interview just one person is because that person may tell the story in a biased manner as stated in the "Who else do you interview" section. (Someone who is there for the victim. Don't allow that person to take over an interview or cause you to report the story in a biased manner.)
Police and investigators are always good sources to corner and question. They provide mostly facts on what they have found, and if not, weeding out their opinions should not be difficult.

Victims family

Top 3!

Run on = Run down


I am personally guilty of run-on sentences. I like to be creative and add as much detail as possible. In English and creative writing, that is great, detail and decently long descriptive sentences are somewhat acceptable. As for news writing, chapter 4 explains "The average sentence length should be 16-17 words. Therefore having a sentence longer than 20 words in a news article may either lose the reader's attention, contain redundant information that can be said in fewer words, or if they're reading aloud, possibly cause shortness or even loss of breath ultimately leading to a blackout or unconsciousness. <--48 words, over half the size of what a sentence SHOULD be in a news article. The period is always a solution.
"Therefore, having a sentence longer than 20 words in a news article may lose the reader's attention." <--15 words
"It may contain redundant information which can be said in fewer words." <--12 words
Long sentences may even lead to blackouts (Haha joke) <--7 words
Three sentences in 37 words rather than one sentence in 48 words.
Periods and puncuation can eliminate run-ons as well as wordiness. It's a win-win situation.

Visualize your Writing

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The most important thing to me in writing is detail. If writing isn't detailed, I'm not interested. I want to be able to imagine a story being told in my head as I read the script. This happens for many mediums like books, poetry, movies, and plays. Although movies and plays obviously are visuals themselves, it came from the script. From the written words that one was able to read and creatively express their vision. News writing is not much different. Sure you've got the news broadcasting but what do you do with a newspaper? I've made paper hats and turkeys before, but realisically, it is the writer's job to be creative with detail for the reader to imagine a story in their head. The main idea of the website is EVOKE VISUAL IMAGERY OF THE ACTION.
The site is technically written for filmakers, but it can apply to any writing, especially newswriting that expresses all fact and no opinion. An exceptional writer can draw their readers in with creativity even in the most boring of subjects. We want the readers to visualize the story in their minds, ultimately gaining new information in an exciting way.

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