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Chapters 10-11 --All I want are the comics, gimme the gosh darn COMICS!

September 16, 1624, a date which will live in infamy—the United State's American newspaper was suddenly and deliberately placed with its first ADVERTISEMENT. Ok so maybe I stole part of FDR's speech for the Attack on Pearl Harbor, but I'm going somewhere with this. On this day, Nathaniel Butter and Nicholas Bourne noted they will be printing and selling a map of one of the battles mentioned in that issue. At first I didn't know that is actual advertising....because it wasn't a product in a K-mart ad that we are used to. Eventually throughout the 1640's and 1650's ads began appearing for the return of stolen horses, lost articles, lost children, and medical remedies and frankincense.
Now, a question for someone who reads this. When you're rooting through the sunday paper (for me the Observer-Reporter) just looking for the comics, and you find the K-mart ad, then the Michael's ad, then the Dick's ad, then an ad with colorful prints for cash-checks with dolphin on them. So all these ads are just laying there, like folded up between the newspaper sections. Are these advertisements sponsered by the newspaper itself? Or do companies just request that their ad be in a certain paper. The ads physically printed on the gray newspaper are paid for by the newspaper, but what abou those ads that hide the comics from you? Where do those come from? Who thought of those? All I want are the comics.....
Back to 1624, I would never have thought sale ads dated back so far, surely they have improved over 383 years, but still. Us shopaholics certainly cannot blame ads for "drawing us in" and taking all of our money. Apparently sales ads have been around forever and so has self control.
However, again, I find it fascinating that sale ads date back so far......and that it started as a map!!!


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