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Married at Age 8? or Cute Kitten?

When it comes to what is worthy in the news, I think of top of the top of the line, unsolved, crime stories like the Jonbenet Ramsey case, that I wrote an entire 2 page essay on. Even the simple information could be newsworthy, like Published Gossip that Stephens talks about in Chapter seven. In 1508, Mary, the daughter of Henry VII of England was “married” to Prince Charles of Austria, who was heir to the throne of the Holy Roman Empire. Mary was 12 and Charles was 8. Whoa! Can an 8 year old even tie his shoes let alone get married? Right away a light bulb or sudden shock runs through your body. Why is this newsworthy? In today’s society it would be newsworthy on account of a few parents’ insanity. Back then, it had significance. Stephens says, “This marriage was the embodiment of the treaty between England and Germany.” Granted, there are some stories like the cute kitten scampering around the supermarket pawing at customers’ feet that make the news for a lighthearted laugh, but it’s not something that affects the world dramatically or people’s opinions about a subject. Newsworthy stories will leave the reader with questions, curiosity, and the urge to find out more. It is worth that pondering thought at the end of the article.


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I believe that anything can be newsworthy. From a major fire that destroys an entire apartment complex to the winner of last weeks bridge club. It all depends on what the reader is interested in. You may not have the same tastes as your friend,but your friend may have the same tastes as his friend. We, the consumer, are not always going to get what we want out of the newspaper, each story is written specifically to get the news out, headline or local. Newsworthiness is vast and infinite.

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