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Portfolio 1 *What fun!*

Newswriting. It is a class that helps you sort out your writing dilemmas one step at a time. One helpful tool is blogging. Blogging. It is a word full of emotions:
Ex 1) Wow, Maria had a really good point *sigh* (and ponder). [Thoughtful]
Ex 3) This is so much better than 6 page papers!!! [Excitement]
Each of my blogging entries have a variety of topics giving fellow bloggers different ideas of their own. Collecting these all in one portfolio is like having sparknotes for blogging. And who doesn't like the easy way out :)

To summarize my progress in Newswriting, you have to be on the ball and ready with ideas. Some of mine include:

Crime Scene Investigators
News, Feature, Announcement, Obituary, Gossip? ---What is it?
Schmictim Dead Victim

Interacting with my peers is important......
Mr. Corey Struss debating strong vs weak verbs
Ms. Chelsea Oliver on an outstanding first portfolio
Ms. Maddie Gillespie speaks her mind about blunt "unfluffed" news stories. I must say I agreed with her.

Diving in Deep - In Depth...........
Run on = Run Down
Visualize your Writing


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