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Statistics Disproven

There are many studies out there claiming the amount of rape and abuse victims, and even kidnapped children. When you hear that 350,000 children are kidnapped every year, you think about the Jonbenet Ramsey case or even one of the recent cases of 3 year old Madeline McCann. You wonder why you haven't heard of at least 100,000 of these cases. In reality, many the child abduction cases are not as serious. Many of the missing children have been taken by their parents and other family members. Alot of them live perfectly normal lives, some of them would be better off with the parent they were taken from, and some are cases like young Madeline. A mystery like this provides no evidence of her whereabouts. Not all 350,000 cases are severe and completely mysterious. "Readers are ignorant of the operative definitions would have misinterpreted the results to make them seem worse than they really were; thus they would have ben victimized by manipulation of the numbers," as stated in It Ain't Necessarily So. People who do no research or look into such cases do not know the severity of a child abduction case. I tend to follow up on missing children cases just to find out more about them. For those who do not know that some of those children have been found or have an instance of a father bringing the child home a day late from camping count for a chunk of the 350,000. The numbers can be misinterpreted giving the reader the wrong message.



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So if the numbers are sometimes wrong or misleading, why can't we get them right? I mean, if cases of child abductions are actually instances of a parent bringing a child back late, shouldn't the news story reflect that information? Wouldn't you feel silly if you reported on this big child abduction case and it turned out the dad forgot to get his son back on time?

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