Ah, What a Day!

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Well this is certainly something I would want to read to cheer me up.

It was heart warming and enthusiastic and full of visions for the eye to see! He really does take an assignement made of straw and mud and spins it into gold. It has to take more than one try to make a masterpiece like this. I like being creative but to get a realistic description of a typical day in March to sound like that. Fusion had to feel his observants and get into their head and yet reveal the truth behind their thoughts and actions.
Everything described in Ah, What a Day! is realistic and people relate to and often yearn for on a cold wintery day. Not every story needs 3 sources, and a four line introduction. A change is good for once!

1 Comment

Change is always a good thing, and in this case I am all for it! I really enjoyed this article and its unique style! I would rather read this than hard news-sad maybe...

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