chapter 10 ABNW

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So I am quite confident that I have chosen my writing style. Although newswriting basically follows the inverted pyramid just as Vanessa said, I like the idea of a story. Although most news articles do not reveal this such structure, I like how creative a good jounrnalist can get, just like Fusion.

Lead: The scattering of ashes
Flashback three years: Man reveals to his wife that he has AIDS
Flasback 20 years: How they met, fell in love and married.

There really is an outline and structure to a newswriting story than the typical......THREE MEN WERE SHOT TODAY AFTER AN INCIDENT OUTSIDE GIANT EAGLE.....

I like straigt to the point newswriting but it is also nice to have it mixed up a little bit too with creativity. Not too many journalists will try to make the story appealing when they are being rushed on a deadline with limited sources and information either.

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