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So In a History of News, topics have revolved around the changing of technology and spread of news since the beginning of time. Not a bad overlook, but what about the future? After reviewing the history, what is in store for us in the mere future even talking 10 years down the road? Well like Stephen's said even the alphabe perfected by the Greeks has seved fewer than 95 generations and the latest challenge is on the keyboard of computers. Much of the globe has already been wired so in 2020 will there be wirless internet connected on the moon?

With each new technological advance we can entertain ourselves more than before. Just as radio used to broadcast mainly news, it is now 50 minute music hours on y108 and 10 minutes of commercials with about 40 seconds of news in between that. Radios have developed into more fun than news notification. In my blog about Hollywood, I have already talked about Hollywood celebrities' lives are pure entertainment than not.

Advancement in techonology brings entertainment yet new forms of news. It can't be that bad if we are having fun spreading the news. Who knows what is in store for us in the future, perhaps like I said before, broadcasting from the moon daily?

I wouldn't be so suprised.

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