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Everything I ever see on tv revolves around the celebrities and what they do. Just because celebrities drive mustangs and live in 100 million dollar mansion doesn't mean they are not ordinary people. The paparrazzi's watch them like they are sparkly fish in an aquarium. Then we watched them in awe and entertainment. News in Hollywood is our fun.
Just the other day I was looking at pictures from a friend's trip to Hollywood and there were pictures of what seemed like a famous person being followed by 7 cameras just walking down the street like it was an ordinary day. These people were not actors and the man had two children with him walking.
My friend wasn't able to see the man's face so who knows if it was on ET or the Insider. But those people just walking down Hollywood Boulevard are fascinating to us. Why? I don't know why but probably along the lines of us thinking they are bold, beautiful and idols in our eyes.
Anyhow, Hollywood news is something we can all relate to and we really do find entertainment in the lives of celebrities. Anything they do is newsworthy, which I really cant explain, but something that will continue to intrigue people around the world.

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