Mass Circulation-chapter 12


Looking at Stephen's chapter 12, it really breaks down the "mass circulation" that newspapers went through. Today every city and many towns have their own papers to deliver news. Back in 1786, the Pittsburgh Gazette was first published which was viewed as the "west." This newspaper delivered news to many more people than it does now. The Pittsburgh Post Gazette doesn't even travel as far as Erie. In 1786, this newspaper was the only print for several states. Journalism encountered obstacles yet prevailed in the end. Some journalists trying to make it printed in tents, sod houses, and log huts! Just to get the news out and make a living! It sure does make you think about the competition and start of newspapers. Compared to what we have today. We are dry in our houses/dorms using the internet to our advantage to get our point across on blogs. While starting newspapers, only the top high-surviving journalists made it to the top. Now everyone has access to the news in more ways than one. Newspaper competition is no longer a competition between newspapers, it is the rival between internet, television and radio as well.

My O my, we've come a long way....


I was thinking the same thing while reading!

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I blogged about something similar in my agenda item, but I like how you tied in the way that news is delivered to everyone today. Not only have our borders expanded past the "west," but the internet has enabled millions, billions to access the news at the click of a button. Unless you think about it often, it's staggering to see just how far we've come from those days long past.

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