Midnight Fright!


Prisoners With Midnight in Their Hearts:

I found this article insightful that gets straight to the point.

It is a fact that two, three, and even four men are confined together in the same cell in violation of the law....

It is a fact that every day a man serves in a dungeon is added to his minimum sentence....

There are 44 statements that begin with "It is a fact." This statement grabs your attention making you believe there are all these known facts. Prisons can be made out to be a serious topic and yet a common one. This article was written very well because of the easy read statements that grab the readers attention. It is simple, complete and true (if the Journalist is good).

I think stating all these facts about prisons raised eyebrows and concern. If I could pull off something this creative that grabs attention and makes a topic newsworthy, it would be a complete success. I would like to apply something like this to my second news article to make it original.


That's what I want to do with my article too. My writer kept saying "We should have done..." and it really made me want to keep reading and I think that will tie into my mischief on campus article, just like it should for your article too.

Do you have any ideas of how your will draw attention? Will you repeat a phrase, like this article did? I think the constant repetition of a phrase is a little annoying after awhile, although it does draw attention to the fact.

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