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In chapter 13 of A History of News, There is a small box outling the speed of news over the past 500 years. With today's television and internet, the world is notified of an event immediately. Like not just immediately that day but instantly like in a second. I was looking at 1963 when 68% of Americans learned the President John F. Kennedy had been shot 30 minutes after the attack. Now 30 minutes seems quite convienient back then and I would sitll consider myself fairly lucky to hear something like that after 1/2 hour, but in time, the speed of news is certainly a "speedy delivery" as Mr. McFeely would say. I compared the news of today and 1963 to 1481 when a handwritten letter reporting the death of a Turkish sultan took 2 years to make its way to England.
Well, if I had learned about 9/11 in 2003, I think it would be a bit awkward. Since the event 9/11 affected an entire nation and each person individually, we would certainly be out of the loop for 2 years......if people like Mr. McFeely never delievered our speedy deliveries ....or in real life newspapers, internet, television etc.
I just like Mr. McFeely
and the fact that we do not get our news years after it has happened.
I try not to take that for granted......

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I guess that is how news gets lost, they report it to quickly. But, I am glad that news does get reported as it happens.

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