There's just sometimes nothing to tell.

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"Every editor ought to be 'covered' once in a while just to see how hard it is to shake a reporter from a preconceived thesis."

So I have certainly had good ideas for stories and they turn out to be duds because either no one wants to talk to you or you don't have the angle you wanted to get. Really, its not as easy as it looks.

and......."Newspapers are unfair when they can't admit sometimes there is no story." I don't find shame in admitting there is nothing to tell. It is kinda like an akward conversation, when you have nothing to say, you just talk about the weather, it really never fails. There is no use in that, but something has to happen. Newspapers do the same thing. When there is no news to cover, they print out fluff and soft news stories. It's really the only thing journalists can get. No it is not failure, it is more of side of success, they work through the rough, easy, boring, and thrill.

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