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Media Lab Portoflio Part 2, 3, 4

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Tiffany Gilbert
Media Lab Portfolio part 2, 3, 4
December 3, 2007

“A History of News” by Mitchell Stephens was a good choice for the Media Lab topic this semester. We study how to write properly with special journalism tactics and we read modern day newspapers, but we were able to learn about how journalism and the spread of news originated. In any subject, I think background information and history is important to understanding the topic better. History can even be interesting and exciting sometimes. For example, I was unaware that the first form of delivering news was “word of mouth.” I really had not given it much thought. When we read about the messengers and criers who would stand on the street corner and announce news, it was literally another world and the world has advance today.
If I existed in 1941, I would have heard about the attack on Pearl Harbor on the radio possibly a few hours after it happened. On September 11, 2001, I watched the attack on the World Trade Center on the television ten minutes after it happened. Audio news turned to visual news in less than a century.
The speed of news has also developed significantly over centuries. The spread of news occurs in seconds now whereas in 1481 it took a handwritten letter reporting the death of a Turkish sultan two years to make its way to England.
Also, who could forget the printing press, the invention that sparked a new age of journalism? Gutenberg’s invention affected printing greatly. Books and documents could be produced at a faster rate than ever. Even though the printing press required manual labor and constantly needed adjustments, it was the invention of the century. Today we have computer processors and our beloved Microsoft Word that gets us through the day. If I hadn’t typed up this essay, it would be handwritten and taken me twice as long. I am grateful for new technology because it rules my life and I am okay with that.
Since the first newspaper publication in the 17th century in Europe, the world has evolved to technology and such websites as and There does not have to be the sale ads falling out of papers or wet and faded news from the morning dew. Websites provide news that can be updated almost instantly to suit the needs of its readers.
In the end, I would not change our world today from its technological advancements of news and journalism. I appreciate what we have today because from what we have read from Stephens, it seems complicated and obscure. If I had to hand-write everything, I would have arthritis before I hit 20 and really wouldn’t learn as much because each assignment would take so much time.
To end my reflection on the history of journalism, I think this subject should be taught in the next couple of years so that new students can learn about it too. It really is helpful to know background information on a subject; you will be working with for the rest of your life.
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Media Lab Last Portfolio!!!!!

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Third semester down, one to go!

I consider myself fairly up to date on my blogs.....with the minor exception of this one. :(

However, my blogs for Media Lab include the following!!!
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Wow, I came to realize I can write alot in Media Lab blogs!

Chapter 11 ABNW-Omitting is bad

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Under the section Do not add, in ABNW talks about subtraction that distorts. By omitting information you have collected can be somewhat of a bias. It can mean that you as a jounrnalist are leaving out information that could balance a story. Unknowingly leaving it out to make the article sound better can be one thing, but leaving it out because you want the article to lean a certain way is subtracting from fairness, which is something we as the students in Newswriting have been practicing all semester.
We know adding non existent information is wrong but so is leaving out the pertinent info. It may not seem like it, but if we want to tell a side of a story, it will lean more towards our benefit or thoughts. Journalism can unfortunately turn out like that, knowing it or not.

Portfolio 3

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Bad Bad Hedgehogs
Did We really need to know that?
Kinda like Parents, tell them what you want them to hear
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Chap. 10 ABNW

Kinda like parents, tell them what you want them to hear
Chap. 10 ABNW

Chelsea's blog on Eww those crappy journalists
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Kinda like parents, tell them what you want them to hear
Midnight fright!
Did We really need to know that?

Did We really need to know that?
Kinda like parents, tell them what you want them to hear
Midnight fright!

The comment Primo:
Bethany's blog on No one said life was fair

The comment informative:
Bethany's blog on No one said life was fair
Watching paint dry

The Link Gracious:
Chap. 10 ABNW

Wild Card
Hollywood is a blog for Media Lab that I linked to outward sources to explain my references.
Speedy Delivery is also a blog for Media Lab that has many references to my thoughts about speedy mail delivery.

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