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Lit Like a Professor? Come on now

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Admittidly, I really think I am going to enjoy reading "How to Read Literature Like a Professor." During the introduction, one thing that I noticed immediately was the author knowing what is in the mind of the students. Not only is Foster introducing and teaching, he is answering the questions and clearing up the confusion of students everywhere. "It may seem at times as if the professor is either inventing interpretations ut of thin air or else performing parlor tricks, a sort of analytical sleight of hand"
Along the same lines, every student thinks something similar to the above thought. A good teacher can identify the thoughts and troubles of an individual and clear it up. I was impressed at his style of writing this book.
It is like he went on a quest just as symbolized in the 16-year-old riding his bike crossing German Shepards, facing a dragon, and eyeing the princess. We have to look deeper than the meaning of things which is what Foster is doing with his writing style. He is not just presenting information, he answers questions that are deep within the student. By showing that he can do this with writing, shows that we as students can do it too. Not every quest is literal like "Sir Gawain and the Green Knight" or "Beowulf". Our quest is symbolic and conquerable; Foster can do it so any student can.

In Stephanie's comment she talks about making up analysis for literature which is what Foster's quest is all about. There are symbols and patterns everywhere and we do have to learn to find them. There is usually deeper meaning within what we've read and you're not really making it up. It is jst based on logical interpretations....there has got to be evidence to support your claim.

Freedom of Speech?

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Sooo don't call me a suck up or anything but, I chose a particular quote from Dr. Jerz in this article on the importance of filtering your thoughts.
"I remind students that their blogs are public," he said. "Someday, they'll be in a job applicant pool, and a potential employer will run their name through Google, and the angry ranting Web log they wrote at age 17 will turn up."

I know that anger and negative comments spread by word of mouth which is bad and they're even worse when they are documented on a blog for the entire world wide web to see. A blog can be your own personal rant page but there are consequences. Even if you're ranting about a computer-illiterate student or professor, these guys may have friends who aren't. It only takes a click of a button to ruin a reputation nowadays.

So maybe you don't get caught posting rumors and negative opinions about that person.....YET.

At least 4 years down the road, a curious employer may google your name looking for a reason NOT to hire you. He or she finds some disturbing, yet long-forgotten blog entries from the college years. Aren't you learning to be professional in college? Clearly it hasn't worked and there goes your 6 salary career out the window all because you couldn't keep your ill-mannered thoughts to yourself.

On Richelle's comment, she referred to the similar "you-should-know-better-because-you're-learning-professionalism" ordeal. In her words, don't leave negative opinions and "they won't come back to haunt you."

Personally, I'm not a negative person, however when I have my days, I certainly am not going to post something on my blog that I wouldn't want the world to see. Plus my mommy raised me right, If I don't have anything nice to say, I don't say it at all.

I am experimenting



So this is my new evil duck?

Key, "The defence of Fort McHenry"

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"No refuge could save the hirling and slave from the terror of flight or the gloom of the grave and the star-spangled banner in triumph doth wave."

So this poem we are all quite familiar with, at least the shorter version. This quote recognizes the horror that war involves, yet the flag still waves. It proves we are a strong country to defeat anything that comes at us. With such a strong background of victory, America can do anything. Now, centuries later, this poem is still not outdated. It still represents the country and society in which we live.


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When i first saw "Jabberwocky," I thought NONSENSE. That is Jabberwocky!.
I was reading the words but I was wondering if it was even English. So I didn't bother rereading it until I saw the conversation between Alice and Humpty Dumpty. Slowly they took each word and found composed comprehensible synonyms for each "tough" word. When you break it down, it can make sense. Take time to learn about what you're reading. Challenge yourself to learn something new and even difficult. It is kind of like what we talked about in class today (monday), aquiring wisdom. The first step is admitting you do not know everything and there is more to learn. So just jump at the opportunity of a challenge. It may be rewarding in the end.

aww that was insightful :)

Lamire 1-11

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"Or,as is said more succinctly in journalism : If your mother says she loves you, check it out" (Lemire 2). As a journalism major, I have come to find verifying your sources is a must. You are telling the facts and they must be true. Interestingly enough, learning this last semester in Newswriting has come to overlap in Intro to Literary Study. The three branches of English are different, yet express similarities as well, which is the main point of chapter one. Being an English major is not all about teaching English, there are more opportunities out there, it is just a matter of research. I have also found about myself that I do not want to limit myself to news writing. I want to give everything a try to see what I like best which will definately benefit me in the future.


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