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Get into the mind of the character

"Bernice stood on the curb and looked at the sign, Sevier Barber-Shop. It was a guillotine indeed, and the hangman was the first barber, who, attired in a white coat and smoking a cigarette, leaned nonchalantly against the first chair. He must have heard of her; he must have been waiting all week, smoking eternal cigarettes beside that portentous, too-often-mentioned first chair. Would they blindfold her? No, but they would tie a white cloth round her neck lest any of her blood--nonsense--hair--should get on her clothes (Fitzgerald 4-53). "

After reading this quote, I began to realize the inner-thoughts in Bernice and her personality. In the dialogue and text you were told about her flaws and attitude but getting into the mind of a character is a strong style of writing. Even though her thoughts are spread throughout the text, this is the first time it really hit me and I began to see how the style of writing came together. Story telling can be right to the point telling by the narrator, but thoughts that run through characters' heads place the reader into the story. The reader is in the characters' shoes and brings the story together and lifelike.


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