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Peace on Earth? Just a Pitt Stop

"He intended not to fool with preachers any more but to Baptize himself and to keep on going this time until he found the Kingdom of Christ in ther river" (O'Connor 45).

Well making a reference to the Catholic teachings and beliefs here, the only way you're going to find the Kingdom of Christ is after death. When you're done here on earth, the Catholic belief here is you're granted eternity in Heaven-Kingdom of Christ. So do you say the boy was fortunate or unfortunate to have found the Kingdom? Sure O'Connor wants you to believe he is at peace right now, but he had a long life ahead of him on earth as well. I think O'Connor's message is deeply involved in the Catholic teaching, because here on earth, it doesn't matter how long we exist, it is the Heavens in which we find eternal happiness. O'Connor's use a small boy emphasizes her religious beliefs because it is just time passing on earth. It doesn't matter how old you really are. The message would not be as effective if an elderly man or woman was the one who drown. I believe she really emphasizes the time on earth is strictly a "pit stop" before our lives begin.


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