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He is "Donne" with Death

"Die not, poor Death, nor yet canst thou kill me" (Death be not Prouud, Donne 4)

In Donne's poem, "Death" is capitalized like a proper noun. Donne uses "Death" as a character instead of a typical noun or natural occurrence. The speaker is directing their thoughts towards "Death," the person. We usually do not look at death like it is a monster, but a natural occurence. Donne has created a character out of people's fear. Seeing 'Death" as a person makes it seem less scary, because people are not immortal nor do they have special powers. The speaker in the poem is just relating to another enemy that can be defeated in his eyes. By the way Donne uses Death as a proper noun shows a brave perspective of death in which we are not familiar with. He makes it look so easy to defeat death and treat it the typical bully or enemy.


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Tiff, you always get me thinking on whatever you choose to write on your blog. I had realized that Donne had personified Death, but I had not thought of Death as a bully or enemy that had problems of his own. Perhaps you are right that if Death is seen as just another enemy, it can be overcome in its own way.

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