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I always get the Last Word

Once again, the last line of a story always leaves the reader with something to think about. Page 252 of O'Connor's, The Displaced Person, "He came regularly once a week with a bag of breadcrumbs and, after he had fed these to the peacock, he would come in and sit by the side of her bed and explain the doctrines of the Church."

Well, hypocracy often a reoccuring theme with O'Connor. Time for an elementary school story about little Tiffany. In school about 6th grade, our teacher asked us when do we wear masks. When are we something we are not? Some answers were, in front of relatives, around teachers, with friends and enemies, but one boy in particular responded, in church. In church we wear masks. We all pretend to be perfect bible following Christians but in reality, most people arent. We have our flaws but many people like Manly Pointer and the priest are mask-wearers, aka hypocrites.
O'Connor has many characters who are hypocrites in the church, and I can relate to that very well. I see people everyday who say they have certain christian morals but act differently. I can say I apply to that category in ways.
I think this theme is more realistic than anything else and everyone can relate to it whether they are christians or aren't.


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