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"Another writer tells us that punctuation marks are the traffic signals of language: they tell us to slow down, notice this, take a detour, and stop" (Truss 7). This book cracks me up! Who knew reading about punctuation would be entertaining? So since you were in first grade, commas, periods, semicolons, exclamation marks, and question marks began as little inflatable figures aound the room. (With one pop, they were gone--I was not that kid ;() ). We were taught what they were and had to write endless sentences using them. Now, punctuation should be a natural part of our lives that comes so easily. But, no matter how many times you practice, it's not going to be perfect....that angers me.
However, to the real point, these little symbols and characters, !?,:; can tell you how to read. It can be AMAZING! Inquisitive? or pause, pause, pause. No matter how much we hate learning punctuation over and over agian.

It helps us keep our sanity otherwise we would have continuous run on sentences without any breaks pauses or hiatus to slow us down and think about what we have read in the previous sentence that means sentences wouldnt exist because there would be no periods and everything would go on and on and on without any purpose of one thought at a time dontcha think


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Very good point Tiffany, without punctuation sentences would not exist. It would be very hard and overwhelming to read anything with no breaks or pauses as you mentioned. As you commented, one would not even understand what they were reading without anytime intermissions to think. Breaking things into smaller sections always makes things easier to handle and understand. In my Introduction to Exceptional Children class, it has been stressed over and over again that breaking things into smaller bits make them easier. As writers we want our audience to get as much from our writing as possible, punctuation helps facilitate that. Your entry made me imagine a world without commas and periods, and to be quite frank—it’s a scary place.

Tif, your blog entries are always exciting and fun to read, this one being no exception. I especially loved your last example at the end, the long run-on sentence without any punctuation. A real nightmare to read! I'd go absolutely bonkers if there weren't any punctuation marks creating borders and boundaries. Think about it though, the majority of people that are disinclined to read as it is, would be up in arms if there were assigned to read something. It would most likely take any enjoyment out of reading for the avid readers as well! Oh God, I think I've just found my own personal version of Hell! NOOOOOO!

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