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"Th first printed semicolon was the work of good old Aldus Manutius just two years after Columbus sailed to the New World....."
"The colon and semicolon had been adopted into English well before 1700, confusion has surrounded their use ever since." (Truss 111-112).

I really didn't expect to find out the colon and semicolon were that old. I will admit, I thought they were more of the computer generation inventions. Haha. I never liked to use semicolons and especially colons, because I have no idea why you use a colon. Sad I know. I know when to use a semicolon but I avoid it. Truss didn't exactly spell it out to my liking, so I found this website on differences of colons and semiocolons. . It's a lot easier from there. Like i said before I don't like these punctuation marks and yes I think it is bad that I avoid using them, but at least now I know how to use a colon. For awhile, when my 8th grade teacher told me I need to stop with my run-on sentences, I used semicolons to cover that up. Clearly she was intelligent because she caught on very quickly to my antics. (I never could get away with anything in there. But other classes....absolutely). So, thank you for reading my blog and my insightful junior high stories. :)

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Ahhh Tiff, you really couldn't get away with anything? lol I love the past story and I can absolutely sympathize! i have the nasty tendency to avoid colons and semicolons as well. I do think that Truss could have explained them a bit better though. I kept searching for bonafide rule to follow, and never did quite find it. Thanks for the other website though. It helped a lot! Great blog!! ^_^

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