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Mystery Endings...

"The ellipsis is the black hold of the punctuation universe..." (Truss 165).

So I used elipsis in this quote because I didn't want to finish the rest. It wasn't important to what I want to blog about. Why go on right? Exactly.
The first reason to use ellipsis, "To indicate words missing...from a quote passage."
Which I did and feel very proud of doing so.
I have to say I like ellipsis because, the other reason they are used is to trail off in an intriguing manner....
Like I always say, I like the very last line of books, stories, and novels that I read. It always has significance. I especially love the last line of a story which ends with three dots (...) It means there is something more. Either a character is still indecisive about a situation, or they have not found salvation or redemption, or concluding other possibilites. It could also be the beginning of a SEQUEL. Everyone loves those. I like to look at these small dots as a continuation and unsolved situation. They make you think about what may happen later or if there is a later. Basically it makes you think.

I used ellipsis as the very last symbol in my short story we wrote at the beginning of the semester. The last line was stating the color of the vehicle in a crash who the main character believed was her friend. The story never goes on to say if that is the car or not, but there are elipsis to leave the reader with that wonder. There is clearly more to the story than that, but to be in such mystery shows thoughts racing through one's head of what happened and what could have happened.

Mystery. :)



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Great entry, Tiffany. I enjoy the ellipsis as well and I do think it is an important piece of punctuation. All the functions that it has (that you listed above) can make or break a story. Your short story would have been very different if you did not put the ellipsis at the end. The reader probably would not have realized that the story was meant to end in a mysterious way. If you had just ended it with a period, the reader would have been like, "Wait, where's the last page to this story?"

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