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With the help of the new Media Lab students and staff members who are stepping up to the plate and taking responsibility for the newspaper and with adequate collaboration; there are several goals I would ideally like to meet by the end of the semester. Realistically, a few of these goals could take additional time, but there is no better time to start brainstorming and devising plans in the present that affect the future.
In the spirit of the new school year, I would like to see a 16 page issue of the Setonian printed and distributed. With a 16 page issue, I hope to create a “mini” four-page pull out section based on one topic. This mini section could be the start of an entire sports, local, or academic section. The new four page section could have its own masthead and inner table of contents and perhaps one day a full color, eye-grabbing four-page mini publication.
My primary goal is to expand the length of a Setonian issue and by increasing the number of articles and content; it would be easier to achieve that. I would like to see five to six lengthy news articles per issue. Highlighting the news and events in a detailed manner around campus is what will draw in more student readers and possibly more contributors.
Another way to extend the length of the Setonian is to sell more advertisements. By having four pages of ads in the Setonian, our staff would not have to overexert themselves to by adding more articles. The ad content would benefit us by occupying the extra pages.
Aside from increasing the amount of pages in the Setonian, I would like to be able to list at least five copy editors per issue besides Maddie, the Layout Editor and myself. Not only would that relieve some work from us, but it would also benefit students in the journalism field who will learn copy editing very early in their careers as students.
I will spend time each issue teaching other students the basics in copy editing as well as the essential tasks behind-the-scenes. These simple tasks of organization, emails, distributions, and tips and tricks of how to conduct an interview are important
Achieving the previous mentioned goals is my main concern and some can continue to handle the situation in a lethargic manner; however it would be great to instill a sense of pride and ambition and to achieve the goals enthusiastically. It is important to get the work done, and managing a job in an enthusiastic manner can be contagious. With a positive attitude and outlook on the established goals and objectives, the atmosphere will be less stressful and easily maintained.

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