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Portfolio one-Media Lab Fall 2009

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1) Lab Report

“Black and white and Red all over”
By: Tiffany Gilbert

Through summer planning and preparation, the Seton Hill University (SHU) Setonian staff not only grew in size but printed and released their first spot-colored newspaper issue in five years.
“It was a spur-of-the-moment decision and the printed issue turned out much better than I expected,” said Tiffany Gilbert, editor in chief.
Thanks to a color ad purchased by Doe’s Dogs in Greensburg, Pa, the opportunity arose to add spot coloring to the front page. The masthead, “Setonian” and border lines were printed in red to reflect the university’s darkest, representative color.
“It’s awesome that the issue had a touch of color in it. I think the deep red not only caught peoples’ eyes, but it really represents our community,” said Chelsea Oliver, news editor.
The first issue for fall of 2009 was complimented by faculty and students alike. Students were raving about the physical appearance of the paper as they flipped from front to back.
“I was walking to class on second-floor Maura and I saw a red newspaper out of the corner of my eye. It made me stop, backtrack and pick one up,” said Laura McCarthy, a senior.
Even president JoAnn Boyle took time out of her busy day to personally email me to praise the new look, said Gilbert.
As the time approached to plan the second issue, eager, new students began to question how they could help with the next paper production.
“Tiffany unfailing seeks to recruit new blood and potentially interesting subjects for the Setonian. Her dedication and enthusiasm are inspiring to everyone on the staff,” said Maddie Gillespie, layout editor.
After explaining and answering multiple questions about the newspaper to interested students; it is common for people to drop their curiosity when they realize how much dedication must go into the newspaper as whole. Recently, there have been a few reliable students who have revealed their skills and remained responsive to more opportunities, said Gilbert.
The second issue of the fall semester was distributed September 25, just in time for the Homecoming festivities.
“The second issue was a tough paper to produce. We momentarily lost a lot of man-power within the staff,” said Gilbert.
With the server out-of-order mixed with incompatible schedules; these factors delayed the printing and production of the Setonian.
The second issue of the Setonian’s physical appearance did not receive all the rant and rave as the first, however there were more positives behind the scenes. Recruitments and the willingness from newbies to help in the production is always a pleasurable thought, said Gilbert.
“Most people will come and go, but the few who stick around are the ones worth depending on,” said Gilbert.

2) Story Ideas
a) A prominent speaker who visits and lectures at the university.
Record parts of the speaker’s lecture, applause from the audience, and comments from audience members after. The applause, especially, would have a positive affect on the listener or even the cricket-sound of a terrible guest speaker would persuade a listener either way.
b) A protest in downtown Greensburg.
c) A sports-related event.
As cliché as this suggestion is, a sport’s commentary with players and background noise of the whistle or communication out on the court or field would help emphasize the experience of actually being at this certain event. The listener, clearly would not be at the event, but the background noise would be realistic enough to feel as if they were there.

3) Blogging questions:
No questions about blogging.

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