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A "Rocking" Podcast

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Intro: A young Jon Stefanik dreamed his dream of one day playing in a band and now as lead singer of The Hormones, he tells his tale of inspiration and his ultimate path to success. His story is compelling as a grunge rocker can be.

Click Jon mixed.mp3 for the inside scoop of Jon's career.

That was Jon Stefanik, a full-time college student who accepted past failures and welcomed success. His story of turning a dream into a hobby and a hobby into a passion will contine to intrigue and inspire all who strum to the beat of their own guitar.

The Vinyl Collective site that Jon mentions in his interview is a website that offers deals on rare CDs that are no longer produced. Vinyl Collective is a site, an online store, a message board, a twitter page and even has its own podcasts.

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The Misfits are a rock band who originated in the late 1970's. After a few years, the band dispersed and eventually reunited in 1995.

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The World Inferno band is a cabaret punk band from Brooklyn, New York. Its style merges punk, klezmer, and jazz, while its collective membership features horns, piano, and guitar.

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