PowerPoints are our hickeymagigs and dowhats?

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The youtube video of How Not to Use PowerPoints sparked the memory of Plato's anger towards the advancement in writing. This video is the perfect portrayal of how "writing destroys memory." Like in Megan's blog she mentions that if PowerPoint is used properly it will be effective. If Plato was here today and his philosophy unchanged, he would argue that a good orator could present an effective message to an audience without the help of a PowerPoint or assisted audio. He valued the art of speaking as we very much value the teachnology that helps us be a better speaker.

I feel as if the older and wiser people see this generation relying on so many other mediums and mechanisms to help get by on what used to be a commonality to them, they express astonishment. it's illogical to them. A random example: When my grandmother was just a kid, her family was satisfied with a basket full of fruit at Christmastime. It was quite a treat and very much valued. Nowadays, my grandparents go out and buy these hickeymagigs and gagets for us that we all seem to value, but they have no connection to. And they ask, "what do you need an ipod for? Can't you listen to the radio?" For us, we've adapted to these advancements and more often than not, the older and wiser are going to be stubborn about it and choose to not advance with the rest of us.

Just like everything else, PowerPoints are here to stay. They will help us or hurt us. And in 70 years when our great-grandkids ask for a flying scooters, we'll wonder, What in the heck they want that for.


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Ha ha, Tiff! Well made point turning things around on how we might be looking at gifts for our future family members. Things really are quite different from how they were in the past, even if it wasn't all that long ago. Then again, I sometimes wonder if I'll ever be able to fully unplug myself from today's "technology matrix."

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