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Reflecting back on the Topics in Media & Cutlure class, I feel like I have made progress in my learning as well as in my writing. I made this class my top priority because of its difficulty and workload. When we first began reading from Writing Materials, I felt like we were just discussing the topic of orality and would eventually abruptly end it and move on to the manuscript culture. It wasn't until about midterm when I found myself referring to Socrates and contrasting his opinions from Espen Aarseth's. Socrate's opinion about orality and memory stuck with me the most through this course because I completely disagree with him and as able to compare and contrast his thoughts with other authors all the way into the digital culture.

As for progress in my writing, this class really helped me focus and stay on topic with what I needed to. Not once did I write a paper the night before it was due because I wanted to try and apply ideas. I know from experience, rushing in writing, never has that great of a result. Before each excercise was due, I planned out readings and quotes that we did to connected them that way. The re-introduction of Bloom Taxonomy really helped me realize and think about the writing of argument papers.


Having the tier images fresh in my mind helped sort my sort my ideas and explanations within each paper.

Coverage & Depth
As for the blogging aspect in class, I also feel like I put a lot of time in those. My blogs are completely different than my formal writing. In my blogs, for me, I usually do it in a free-writing fashion. It is hard to connect the dots while reading them and I understand that. I write them as I think...which is definately not in a linear fashion. I do manage to get points across, just probably not as clear as everyone else because I don't plan and outline those. Since our last portfolio two weeks ago, I have three solid blogs that fall under the coverage and depth.

Creative Presentations
The creative presentations for EL336, at first were bothersome to me. Only the first one angered me. It may have been the lack of creativity that you can actually have when dealing with orality. I was bored with teaching it and bored with everyone elses. (Sorry guys). There really is so much you can do creatively with speaking. As we got into the manuscript, print and digital culture, I found the creative presentations to be a freedom from writing a paper and a fun way to hear my classmates' thoughts on each topic. It was a vacation from just blogging and writing, but in an educational way. The creative presentations was very opinionated as we presented on topics we agreed with and disagreed with, but it was also very respectable. No one forced their opinions on anyone else and it was just nice to hear about them and how we felt about each topic.
Creative presentation #2 was my favorite because we were restricted to what we could use and that was really fun because everyone was able to come up with something interesting. Jessie brought in the feather pens and Erica brought in calligraphy pens. It was very realistic to the era we were studying.
Overall, I'm glad we did four presentations instead of just one, because that would have really slanted our class if we creatively portrayed one era over another...and it would have been too much to try to incorporate something from each era into one. I do think it iwas well-divided and more of a learning experience than it was work.

Paper #2
As for paper #2, which I entitled, "Digital Culture’s Supreme Simplicity," I am proud to say is finally finished!!! Woohoo! This paper definately shows how ideas can change and a direct path to a thesis is never the same from the beginning. I changed my mind about this topic3 times. I didn't develop a thesis until I was completely finished because I was not sure where I wanted to go with my sub-topics. Sometimes I agreed with digital culture, other times, I didn't and I needed to find consistency. I was even mad at some of the authors I came across and their opinions. I thought, Steven Fox, the guy who wrote a small magazine article about the positives behind Facebook was ridiculous. He was of course heavily slanted but in strange ways. Fox discussed ideas like not having to be clean when living behind a profile. No one needs to know you haven't showered in a week. Then I began to think how unrealistic that was and wanted to change my thesis to how unnatural digital culture was, but I don't necessarily believe that. Even though this was just an argument paper and I didn't really need to honestly believe everything I wrote, I found myself getting attached to certain sides of the issue. This was something that never happened to me before. If I could find evidence supporting a topic I was arguing for or against, I would use it. Enough said. This was a different experience and I had to step back and tell myself, "who cares?" It's a paper, you can't fight the guy who wants to be dirty and live behind Facebook.

...And because of this class, I am now consciously aware of the world of print versus digital culture and by an unwanted force, I click on news articles like this. Choosing to read things like this is now imbedded in my brain. Now that we've discussed the transitioning periods...is technology actually healthy? I may as well answer that. Too much of anything is never good, so there. I'm not sure if I like this brainwashed-kind-of-mentality that makes me click on articles involving print and digital. I will work on it and see how it progresses.

And my very last portfolio ever....should I be proud to say it's my lengthiest blog entry ever?!?!?! Woooo!

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