September 30, 2003

Why I Pay So Much For This College!

I don't understand it at all. The tempertaures are dropping especially during the evening and the heat has not been turned on at night. I been up fot the past two nights trying to adjust myself to the cold drafts that enter my room and greet during my sleep. What do it take for a little warmth feeling in the radiators? How much will the tuition increase for the temperature reach at least seventy degrees. I am cold. I didn't expect the weather to take such a dramatic turn like id did this weekend. Several complaints to the boiler room and still no change. What will it take for some heat. I am not really in the mood to caught a cold and if I do I know Seton Hill will not provide the proper care that I need to stay healthy.

This morning I didn't feel like getting out of bed. But I thank the good Lord for allowing me to see a new day. But I got up anyways ready to go to class. dressed with a large sweatshirt and sweat pants. It wasn't enough. I felt like a zoombie walk to the dining room to eat a warm meal. It didn't feel the same. I tried eating hot foods and I drank hot tea that burnt my tongue so now I might have a numbing effect on my tastebubs.

All the things I have to go through to stay warm.

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September 29, 2003

Miscommunication between men and women

My friends and I engaged in a deep conversation last week about men and women and the miscommunication between the two. The needs and wants between the two. And of course it was how we viewed our men to be and each person had their own opinion but all agreed that we didn't want a man who couldn't be a man.

So I decided to write my opinion on relationships. I viewed the whole concept of the misunderstanding between the two species from the outside looking in. I took the liberty to step in the shoes of a man and try to understand his ways of life and relationships. I found it very hard to do but I do understand the way that the game is being played enough not to get burnt.

When God created man He created Adam to dominant over the land and when He created Eve she was Adam's helpmate. Now things are a lot different now than the olden days. Both Adam and Eve evolved into selfish creatures.

As long as both species exist neither have a clue in relationships. Men assume that every woman is the same. While women tend to think that a man should know their wants. But it all concludes to COMMUNICATION. If there is no understanding between man and woman than what is the point of complaining.

My motto: Closed mouths don't get feed!

When a woman is complaining or "voicing her opinion" to her other half she expects to be heard and understood. But once her man allows her words to go in one ear and out the other she tends to become an ungrateful bitch.

With that in mind here are the two categories that sometimes tend to blend together. Some women want to change their men and some want him to better accustom her desires. There are times when a woman can over step her boundaries and want him to be a thug and a gentlemen as well as satisfy her every needs.

However, we make our mistakes when we want him to be perfect. If you find a man that is a little less than average that's okay. If your man doesn't fit your needs than tell "Good-bye and to never come back!" If he was doggish when you first met him don't except to change him, he has to change himself. You will only end up changing yourself in the process. That is the beauty of being different. We can accept and reject what we want to in our lives. Whether it is a man in your house to nail polish on your toes. It's free will.

Men always complaining about women always doing men wrong but they never want to know what they are doing wrong. Women always complaining about how men are all dogs but don't realize that sometimes they are the reason men become dogs. Not men are bad just like not all women are bad either.

Never wanting to settle down because you can't trust a woman but ask yourself " Can I trust me?", "Do I respect myself as a man?"

And Ladies you can'tt ever seem to find Mr. Right well ask your self. " Do I love me?", "Can I be able to wait for love?"

If you never been in love good for you. You're better off alone until you find yourself and the Lord. Now you have the time to better understand you and what are your needs and wants. Know what you want from a man and don't settle for less. Make a list and keep to that list don't change for "Mr. Right Here and Now" but keep your treasure for "Mr. Right", the man God destined for you. Also your mate will have the things needed for your relationship with him. He won't be perfect but that is fine because whatever you lack he builds up and vice versa. Just accept the fact that he loves you for you. Just keep each other happy.

Men want to know why women always want to jump the broom well because we need security. We can only play the "wife" role but for so long. Men tend to take women for granted and some women let them. The ladies will agree with me on this. If you say you love us and it's been over 3 and 1/2 to 4 years than why not make it official. Marriage is nothing to be afraid of. If you didn't want to be with me this long than why are you here? Since we are on the subject of commitment. Why is that man can be faithful in a long-term relationship but once marriage is spoken it's seems hard to digest. If you are afraid of marriage just be a player with no strings attached keep it real.

Now gentlemen don't you hate it when your female companion is never clear about her feelings. One minute everything is cool and than the next she puts your relationship in jeopardy. Well it is just a game of trying to run you away but keep you close. She wants you near but wants to test the strength in your relationship. If you can't take it than leave but if you're sure she's the one but have issues, work them out with her and she would greatly appreciate you.

Guys have to bear with women because we are unique creatures everything affects us in one-way or another. We need a strong man to be there for us. Notice I said a man. Women don't need a boy who thinks he is a man. He is only a boy-toy. We want a man to listen, be there, protect, provide, comfort, befriend, a love maker and everything in between. I know it may seem like a lot but if we didn't want and or need these things the world would be an evil place. I come on how would you know the feeling of a mothers love to her son. Or how it feels to be love or even wanting to be love. It is a wonderful feeling. You may not want it now because your playing the fields but deep inside your longing for that affection and when you get it would be such a blessing to the both of you.

Although men do try they seem to take their time with EVERYTHING except engaging in sexual intercourse.

1.Women want to rush and get married while men want to wait.
2.Men think every woman is out for their money.
3. Women think that there is no romance with out finance, “love can't pay bills".
4. Men think that they can have their cake and eat it too.

We are all so different that's what make us so unique but there comes a time in every man and woman's life where they have to understand that change will come and life with your partner would be better if only you compromise. Compromising is something that neither side is willing to do.

A man can love only if he feels she's the right one but compromising is a little harder for him than a woman. For example a woman can fall in love and change her outlook on life. Her duty is to help her man. There isn't a thing she wouldn't do for him. But if a man was to love a woman he has options he has to weigh out. It takes a man a lot more time to understand and devote himself to her.

The signs between every man and woman are different but are the same. Women tend to give hints while a man is straightforward. A woman can pick up her man jester faster than he can.

Example: In the mall and you tell your man that on Valentines Day the most romantic place to go is a beach at night and come Valentines Day he get you a card and roses. The problem is that he DOESN’T take hints very well they want you to be straightforward with what you want.

Now a woman on the other hand is a very special creature In the same scenario for Valentine's Day your boyfriend would say out loud that he really want tickets to see his favorite game. A woman would take it into consideration and buy the gift of his dreams with no ifs ands or buts about it.

Why is that so? Is it because women are suckers for love?

One thing a woman can do that makes the relationship worse is when she expects a lot from her mate. A man has to be in control of things at all time but when a woman is to demanding and want let him be a man it can cause conflicts.

It is hard to adjust to loving someone other than yourself but when you finally find that someone special hold on to him or her. As you can see both sexes have its advantages and disadvantages. No sex is better or greater than the other that is for sure. Men think women have it better and vise versa. But it is really hard for both.

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September 28, 2003

Ward's Journalism Online

I agree with Ward when he discusses the accuracy of the Internet. The public has became so dependent on technology. That we can be able to purchase items online, read news, post information, and etc. Ward also explains how we rely on the Internet to receive news. He said how the radio used to be the medium but now online journalism are fast and flexible. " A single news site can post dozens of different updates on stories every few minutes. Immediacy supercharged bu such flexibility is a potent tool, particulary for breaking news(21)". Though I believe that news regardless of how it is received is impotrant because not everyone relay on the Internet for news but use the traditional style of print journalism.

Ward's book seem to focus more on of a general point of journalism he breaks the chapters down for entry level journalist. I like the book because it is easy to follow.
So in all I like his book.

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September 27, 2003

Seton Hill University Review

Seton Hill University has undergone quite a few changes over the pasts few years. Seton Hill University changed over from a college to university status last year. They re-created the mascot from Seton Hill Spirit the Penguins to The Griffins.

Seton Hill University is very inconsiderate to the upperclassmen and their well being. Those who spent three or Four years at this school get treated like trash while the freshmen boys get treated like royality.

They also recruited a lot more males for athletic purposes. With all these changes Seton Hill just have more problems to deal with. There are lot more Parking Permits than parking space. Lowe dining hall is over crowded at lunch and sometimes dinner. In Havey there used to be double and a few triple now there are all triple and quads.

Seton Hill University is not ready for the changes that they are making. The administration is only concerned about the money they can make from these recruits and not at all concerned about the Alumnae’s and the upper-classmen that been at the school longer.

A few years ago Seton Hill University was a nice place to study and be comfortable at. But now since all the changes the school is not the same in some ways. Because the population has grown fights are more likely to happen than before. More mediations and resolutions are scheduled to avoid fights on and off campus.

The dining hall food sucks. The dining services put on masks and bring out the best dining china when parents or important people visit the college. The university cost extremely too much and many students wonder where have their money gone. The rooms are smalls. The campus is dead even when the groups and organizations try to throw a party it is still lame.

There was a point and time where one could say that they liked the university because of its small campus but now it is too small and no room to think. Everyday it is the same thing. There’s nothing to do on campus no fun and enjoyable activities. People walk around like zombies, a slave to Seton Hill’ s crap.

The good thing about Seton Hill is the faculty. Some are very dedicated to their students and their work. And some adjunct can care less about the students well being thank God that they are not still here.

In summary the school sucks and so does the food!

article for Seton Hill University review

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Dr. Phil Helps in the Fight for Weight

Thursday on CNN had special guest, Dr. Phil Mc Graw to discuss the importance of staying healthy. He wanted to help guest on his show lose weight. I found this to be interesting because in another class I am doing a campaign for the awareness of childhood obesity.

Dr. Phil even have supplement diet pill to take just for a specific figure. I went to Rite Aids yesterday on Route 66 and saw them myself. There they were with his face on the box. One box was for the "pear" shaped figure and the second box was for the "apple" shaped figure. It was amazing to see a special diet just for a person's shape and size. Then I wonder if the diet plan really worked? Maybe. One thing that was good concerning health reasons was that it contains no ephedrine. In past weight loss history lawsuit were raising to the drug ephedrine for the death of many victims that were trying to loss weight.

It is a very serious disease if not prevent early. Many children are over weight and not as healthy as they showed being. Childhood obesity cannot only lead to adult obesity but diabetes, heart disease, and other health problems. If we teach our children to be more active and eat healthy we can decrease the childhood obesity amount.

Dr. Phil said that we must say healthy and train ourselves to not eat as much and work out more. It is becoming an epidemic. American is label as the fattest country in the world. Everything we eat contents fat and oil. Fat contents are found in salads to doughnuts. Though fat makes the food taste better we have to find a solution to eat healthy and still have taste. Most importantly we have to be self-disciplined in order to lose weight and keep it off.

Obesity is very serious and I think that every one should be involved and try to help out some how.

Website for Obesity Awareness

AOA (American Obesity Association)

Kid Source

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September 24, 2003

Interesting Books

School assignments have you stressed?

Can't seem to find time for yourself?

Well take my advice and read a good book. By challenging your mind and reading about other people problems allow to you to realize that your is not that bad.

This summer I once again entertianed myself with some great books. I read "A Pair Like No Otha" by Hunter Hayes this summer and I found the book to be amazing.

Hunter begins the story with two childhood friends that seperated under different circumstances as they got older. Friends were based on Shemone, Derrick, Terrence and Ohella. Shemone graduated from college and became a freelance writer for magazine, Ohella became spiritual got married and opened uo her own boutique, Terrence became a professional basketball player but died in a car accident, and Derrick was convicted for drug charges. Shemone and Derrick became pin pals for a few years and rebuild their friendship. The only thing that brought them two together from there complicated lives was the memory of their friend (Terrence) death.

After they gained the a friendship that was lost. The two becomes attracted to one another. That is when the interesting plot comes to play. The two not only know each other but want to date each other. They fear that creating a relationship would jeopadize their freindship. It is much harder to build a relationship than it is to keep a friendship.

Later on in the book, Shemone and Derrick are offical and everything seems okay. Until money becomes an issue. Shemone likes the finer things in lifeand likes to live very high maintance. On the other likes catching slaes and bargins. But Derrick finds a problem with finding a job with his criminal history and he wants to find a trade. Derrick allows his ego to get the best of him in their relationship because Shemone has to support the two of them and he feels less of a man.

He often puts the relationship at risk and gives Shemone the run arround as far as trust and patience with Derrick. " A Pair Like No Otha" was an outstanding books. I gained a lot from reading this book. I learned the value of friendship with the oposite sex. It also challenges the thought of even going to the next level with a friend or not.

Weither you chose to be with a long time friend or even a short term friend it is always best to be friends before lovers. The choice is up to you and whoever. I think it is very important to understand the consequences and actions before making a major change in the relationship.

Books that are on my must read list are:

1.Coldest Winter Ever by Sister Souljah.
2.Little House on the Prairie by Laura Ingalls Wilder.
3.Spoonriver Anthologies by Eddie Master.
4.If You Want Me by Karla Perrin
5.Hamlet by William Shakespear

I recommend these books because they reach different ascepts in life, From the highest to the lowest points in life. I can relate to just about every book that I have read and I read over at least 200 minium. I love to read. Though my passion for reading is very strong I sometimes overlooked many books by my picky ways. I am not interested in books with bright white pages or very small font. Each book bring out a unique fantasy that is worth the ride!
Enjoy and God Bless

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September 23, 2003

Cell Phone Revival

Nextel, a cell phone provider is suing Verizon cell phone for its commerical. Nextel has been the only cell phone company that provided a walkie-talkie and cell phone in one. That is what maked them unique from all other companies. Now that Verizon has came up with the same concept and aired a commerical that makes Nextel look bad to its fellow consumers made Nextel turn to legal actions.

Verizon alosme claims to provide 'the "best" and "most reliable" services. The commerical itself shows a woman using a walkie-talkie phone outside as she off to work. She is repeating the catch phrase "can you here me now" while talking to the phone she doesn't pay attention to where she is going and walks right into a rake in the yard.The Verison spokeman comes and hand her a new Verizon "Push to Talk" walkie-talkie phone with a clear connection and she is satisfied.
I had a Nextel Phone before and they are very expensive include the purchase of the phone the monthly plan and the $500 deposit. If Verizon is cheaper I would consider purchasing a verizon phone because they have good rate and monthly plans. Though Nextel is good and was the first with the walkie-talkie phone it is good that others are catching up. It is all about competion "Verizon launched the service, marketed as Push to Talk, last month to compete with Nextel's popular Direct Connect feature." Now both will have to work harder to keep their customers content. Not only will Nextel will have to worry about Verizon but other cell phone providers.

Article can be seen here: Nextel Sues Verizon

Look out for the commercial it is funny!

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September 20, 2003

Building A Website?

I was reading a book on HTML and how to build a website and it seems very confusing. Some HTML codes seem easy and others are mind blowing. I know for sure that building a website from scratch will take a lot of time and investigation. It won't be easy but well worth it in the long run. I was reading Writing For The Web book and it sounds a little easier to understand especially since Killian gave an easier explanation of creating hypertext. Once I ge the hang of things I wil be very happy to have a website of my own.

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September 19, 2003

No Worries

Every since Hurricane Isabel was reported to have Virginia and North Carolina in her paths there were a lot of concerrned. But once the weathers reports said that Isabel could hit Pennsylvania and other places people was worried out of their mines. Since high school I was taught that hurricanes ocurr near water. So the citizens of Pennsylvania need not to worry. From the furies of Hurricane Isabel we would only receive the after effects like rain and minor wind gust.
We really have nothing to worry about.
I am annoyed by my boyfriend keep asking me did the hurricane come yet and if I am safe or not. Dont get me wrong I am very glad to hear that he is concerned about my well being but I am not worried at all. Though I will say a prayer for those who were affected by Hurricane Isabel. Reports from MSN say that at least 17 people died. Now those who live near water are the ones at the most risk. Now snce the hurricane died down and home owners and business wants to know who will pay for the damage.

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September 17, 2003

Fall Season Shows

On Monday At 8:30 p.m. I was watching rapper Eve new self-titled show on UPN . For her first time acting on a comedy sitcom it seems okay. I think the casting is a little off. With the poor casting job makes the show a lot less interesting. With wash up actors and dull characters aputs a strain on Eve. It makes the comdey seem very dry and a little to take in. Dont get me wrong some sigments were funny. Since it was Eve premire I think I will continue watching the show Eve to see if it will be more interesting that it was on it's first night.
I watched the show Whoopi featuring the long time comedian Whoopi Goldburg. I think that show I found the show to be interesting and entertaining. Her friends and family are crazy and that makes the show worth watching.
I also was watching All Of Us a new comedy produced by Will and Jada Pinkett Smith. Which resembles the real life of husband and wife Will and Jada with his baby mother Cherie. The show puts a personal ascept form the couples life and what they went through trying to grow togehter as a odd family. All together a good show. I predict that in the near future there will be a few episodes where the new fiance and ex-wife will have conflicting cat fights.

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"If you aim for nothing you'll get just that...nothing"

quote from Bruce Blitz 2000.

Thank God it is Humpday!!!!!!!

I was on nicecards.comto find a nice card for my boyfriend and I found some really sweet ones from the missing you section.

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