October 29, 2003

Aww Man, I am Vercua!

Which Willy Wonka character are you?
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California Fires

As the wind rage, California fires will contiune to claim lives and destroy properties. Officals say that since October 21 at least 16 lives were claimed.

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger said "the true heroes are the fire-figthers" for risking ther lives. In Yahoo news the article says how the California Governor Schwarzenegger pleads help from the Captiol.

pictures taken from bbcnews

I just hope that the winds calm down so the fire fighters can save as many lives and homes . Fires are deadly especially when it is caused by nature because humans can not control nature.
The DrudgeReport also have udates on the fires."We haven't seen this intensity of fire and number of residents being affected ever before," Andrea Tuttle, director of California Department of Forestry, said.

The Calfornia Fires are everywhere on the news. Wild Fires are very dangerous because only time and nature can tell when it will end. "A state of emergency has been declared in LA, San Diego, Ventura and San Bernardino counties, where the Californian authorities are now battling fires on 10 separate fronts." BBC News

People will be out of homes and love ones will be lost. It is sad to see that the fires are raging with heat and smoting innocent victims. All I can do is pray for them because they need it.

pictures taken from bbcnews

I found that aslo blogged about the California Fires. Check out his page also. This is a very serious matter!

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Celebrities Death Are Shocking To Me

While tracking news I found something shocking yesterday. I was on CNN website and see an article to Rod Roddy death.

I was shock! Growing up I would watch the price is right and Rod entertaining voice as he annouces the next contestant. There is a time when after birth ther is death but it is a lot diffiult and quite odd when someone you watch for years die. I felt like a have a special bond with every celebritie and famous person I have grown to love. Aslo Fred "Re-Run" Barry died last week. I remember watching What's Happening and What Happening Nowseries with Re-Run, Dwayne, and Rob and Rob's little sister Dee. I reserch on other websites such as MSNto see if I could find anymore related stories to the two recent celebrities death. But than it had me remember other famous stars death that wasn't that far back. Johnny Cash, Barry White, and Gregory Hines. I searched on the Internet to Find more Celebrities death and the list was too long to name. Wee Universe has a large list of famous people who died from August until now. It was interesting to see the list and think about how precious life is. It didn't accure to me how important people are to me until my mom-mom died this summer from lung cancer. I missed her very dearly but I know she is at a better place becuase she suffered so much on Earth.
The celebrity death is interesting because ideath is everywhere. That is something that we can't escape.

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October 27, 2003

Come Check Out My Revise Site

My revised website is more user friendly than ever. I tried to work on it as much as possible and follow what Dr. Jerz suggested. I think it turnd out fine but there is always rom for improvement.
Here: LoVe,LiFe&Relationships

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October 22, 2003

Sneaky Services

Man oh Man my friend Renee 22nd birthday is tomorrow and we are trying to have a surprise birthday party for her and it seem like she is becoming nosey and aware of Kathleen and I behaviors. It is extremely hard trying to have a surprise birthday party for because we are so close and se notice everything. If we are talking to people that we didn't really talk to before she wants to know what's going on. She wants to know why we are acting strange and the HARD part is keeping it a secret there are times when I catch myself from telling her how sendng out invites an planning for cakes and food is hard. But I can't tell her cause it will ruin the surprise. And because she is a nosey we have a decoy plan for her. We told her that she will be at Ruby Tuesdays and out to a club but really we are having a party for her with all the trimmings. When tomorrow come I will be a lot more relieved especially when it is over!

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I am tired of the forwarding emails

If you have friends don't give them your email address! I have friends and associates that constantly sending me forwards.

I am so tired of forwarding useless information to my peers. I am to the point where I am about to block emails from my friends. It is sad but true. Everyday I check my email looking forward to some comforating emails and responses.(I barley get love from my mail box).

Everyday I check my email and my friend send me forwards like" If you love Jesus send thid to 10 people except me and you will receive your blessing" I send to to all my friends including the sender because I am going to receive my blessing regardless to what the email say.

Some emails ares to long to read so I send them to friends hopingthat they could tell me about them. I can't stand reading these forwards and no matter how many times I tell them not to send it to me they still disregard my wishes so I have something them ALL! heeeheee!

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October 21, 2003

Finally A Chance To Relax

It seems like as soon as you are finish one assignment you have several others to finish. I just want to relax and not think about doing any assignments.

But I am here for a reason. Even after graduation I will not rest. Human resting days will be when death is knocking at the day. Until then we most work hard to achieve goals and certain standards in life. I most say though when I first was writing this piece I felt overwhelmed with work but when I reached FALL BREAK I was relieved because all my midterms was before break and not after. Which meant I didn't have to study and the one paper that was due I did the day before class. I was so happy to get off of campus and be with my loved ones. Man that was amazing. I went to IUP's Home Coming and I went to see my favorite cousin Bryheem there also. Now I am breezing through classes until crunch time for finals. I am working very hard this year because Lord willing it will be my last. I am glad but I know I will miss my surrounds as much as I complain about this school. I have became adjusted to the mishaps of Seton Hill's B.S.

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October 20, 2003

What is going on with FOX?!

Is anyone upset that the Simpsonís are not airing but instead sports are replacing the beloved family time slot. I havenít seen the Simpson since last semester. Does anyone know what happen with FOX and the Simpsonís? I am very upset. All summer I was looking forward to the Simpsonís new season. The WB reruns are getting very tiresome because I seen them more than enough times already.
What happened?
Please somebody tell whatís going on!

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My Revised Website!

I have revised my website and I think I did a very good job. I am happy to have learned such a hard yet rewarding task. Building a website takes a lot of practice and is very timing consuming but it can be done. Using Frontage made the work less demanding but learning HTML was a challenge for me. I am very blessed to have an extra skill under my belt. This weekend Iíve been so focus on this website that on Sunday I realized that I had other assignments do in other classes.
LoVe,LiFe & Relationships

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October 07, 2003

Is That All We're Good For?

I was up until 3 a.m. this morning watching Splash with Tom Hanks and Darryl Hannah. I loved that movie! But my reason of blogging this entry was to confront this issues that was brought up by the movie presenters on TNT Movie night special. The woman said that this movie bring up a lot of issues like Madison (Darryl Hannah) was the "perfect woman" in the movie.

In case you never saw Splash it is good movie to watch. Splash is very romantic in some ways. The movie is about it about a bachelor who falls in love with a mermaid. The movie was created in the 1980's with the late John Candy. Anyways, her character really didn't talk or wanted any of money or anything but to have sex with him. He didn't even know her name when he first met him but he willing to make out with her.

My mind began to ponder and I than agreed with the lady on TV. It was true if
she was very opinionated and wanted everything that normal women wanted. The questions are whether or not he would have still loved her the same? He was a little distanced from Madison once he found out that she was a mermaid her treated her differently.

Madison couldn't talk until midway into the movie and she really didn't talk about much. She was just there for his sexual needs. I loved the movie but I was felt the need to agree with her comment. And then icing on the cake is our classroom discussion that talked about the differences between men and women. We were discussing about our timeline and how men used to bring home the bacon and now women do it and everything else and still able to hold it down in the bedroom.

It was even said how the men and women divided because women always want to talk. It is always, "how do you feel?" It sex really all we really good for. I mean men don't like talking but we do but when it comes down to it they just want women to shut-up and play their position in the bedroom. Theyíre other things to discuss and that's why women like to have conversations to get to know a person better. What's wrong with that?

So it was interesting subject that I 've been debating in my head all day.

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October 03, 2003

My New Website!

Come check it out at Love, Life, and Relationships

Yeah I am trying to be versatile with my website. I am trying to be different and that's what I decided to do. I wanted to talk about something I know about.

so let me know how you feel.


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October 01, 2003

A Craze Person on the lose

Now that I have gotten the hang of blogging I don't know how to stop. I enjoy it because not only do we talk about the reading but blog about whatever we want somewhat. I really like blogging now.

Especially when I receieve comments. I try to comment on other peoples blogs as often as possible. I like write blogs. It not embarrasing anymore. I don't even care. Whatever I have to say I will blog about it as long as I don't hurt anybody.

I check the blog like it is my email. I want to see what's new and interesting to join.

This afternoon when I checked the blog and reading a comment about Tammy's blog was crazy. I didn't know what to believe. So I just read everyone comments and kept mines to myself. But it wasn't class when Dr. Jerz said that it was a joke. so oh well. And like Juile said it was serious the blog entry would have been deleted.

I really like blogging now. I just have to get re-adjusted to blogging about assigned readings. That is the challege for me. But if I like blogging than I am ready for just about anything.

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Ideas for my website

Well I haven't confirmed anything yet. But I was thinking about including some of the things I was interested in like movies, sitcoms, books, poems, my family and etc. But I want to be different also. Everyone seem to be doing the same thing so I want to stand out. So I was thinking of maybe talking about rape and sexual abuse cases and what not. I am not sure if I want to do that just yet.

I was even thinking about creating a website for healthier food choices or about relationship ideas and advice. Now that I am brainstorming I am leaning more towards the "Better Relationship" website and add rape and sexual abuse stories since most rapes happen from a boyfriend or someone close.

I am not really sure but I really want to do that.

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Download file
Here's my sample website! I am so proud of myself cause it wasn't as hard as I thought. Here check it out Fall

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Table for Two article

Pittsburgh City Paper, September 24-October 1 issue, column Table for Two with Angelique Bamberg and Jason Roth reviewed a restaurant, Bloomsfield's Thai Cuisine.

They do a wonderful job describing the food, the location of the resturant and everything. When the two were presented with a "Super Chicken" stuffing including shrimp, vegetables and noodles. Angelique and Jason tastebubd were in heaven " What we enjoyed most was the crispy skin that sealed the mositure in the succulent flesh." Makes your mouth water right? Well that is what I thought when I read this article.

Now because of them I want to try a Thailand cuisine from Bloomfield's Thai Cuisine. If you and your firends ever get hungry or bored try to entertain your tastebubs with some Thailand dishes that Angelique and Jason recommended.

Jason gave it 2 and a 1/2 stars( take your friends) and Angelique rated 3 stars (bring your dated)

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Ward: response to chapter 3 & 4

When gathering information for news stories there are a lot of facts and information that may need to be used. I agree with Ward he uses outline of
"1. Finding information 2. Finding people 3. Checking information and 4. analyzing information (69)". But I don't think that most of the time the information will come from online. And I think we won't have to use the online information as much. I think to find a real good story or facts are by interviewing the right people.

Most of the information that is posted on the web is not accurate unless the reporter uses trusted sites that end in dot gov, dot org and etc. Finding related stories are easy but than you have to do your own investigation to find if the statements are true. But no matter where you get your information always triple check your info.

I think now since everyone uses the Internet more than anything we would have no choice but to go online and find information. When reporting on a news story I try to use the Internet as my last resort. I only go to the Internet when I need to find an organization for more information or accurate numbers. And emailing is a good form of gathering information and facts especially because of distance. Ward has helpful tips to enhance researches.

In chapter 4 he goes over the inverted pyramid of how news stories should be written. The important facts first the rest of the news are at the bottom. It is just the way readers find information they read from top to bottom sometimes.
Most people are in a rush and don't get to finish the rest of the article so that why it is important in the journalism industry like Internet news, and Print newspapers to write in inverted pyramid style. But Magazine writing is different the article much longer and information is evenly spread out like an hourglass.

In the entire chapter was good. I like the way he describe the topics. Some of the information I already know but than there some I am being introduced to especially about the Internet and Websites.

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