November 20, 2003

Well If it isn't crazy enough

Michael Jackson is once again in the publis eye for child molestation. What is wrong with the bastard? Haven't he learned? And why are the parents still sendng children to lay in a bed with a man who refuses to grow up? ANd the story only gets crazier. Jackson has defence attorney that is defending for the James Peterson in the Lacey Peterson case. The media will have a field day from the little source of information. That doesn't seem very smart to have the same defense lawyer that is defending a man that could be found guilty in the court of law. More. Everyday he looks more like a white woman than a black man. MJ has issues for real.

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November 18, 2003

Calling All English Majors!!!

Join the English Club!!!!!!

I am trying to bring forth the English Club. If you are interested please call Tiffany Graham at extension 3520 or email

If I have enough people to sign-up the English club activities will include a monthly book club, library readings, Barnes& Nobles trips and more. I have a lot planned and hopefully the Club will start next semester! Since I am a senior I am encouraging other English majors to continue the club after I am gone. It is open to all majors and members look for the flyers around campus. Here are your opportunity juniors, sophomores, and freshmen to be apart of an excellent club.

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November 17, 2003

Work Force Experience

UPDATE INFORMATION!!!! YMCA of Westmoreland 424 Main Street Greensburg they are also having an event for the Christmas Holidays check for flyers and other announcements.

On Friday I went to the YWCA near the YMCA and directly across the street from Commonwealth Bank. I went to as a volunteer to try on clothes. The purpose was to help men and mostly women to enter the work force wearing the proper dress attire.

The clothes are donated to the YWCA. The owners help dress you from head to toe and even does make-up and hair if needed. It was a wonderful experience. I think it is great for the YWCA to help people entering the work force. The owner encourages everyone to visit especially college students who can not afford clothing. She provide everything just bring yourself and try not to arrive two hours before the interview. You most put your best foot forward. As soon as I find out more information about location and her name(seemed to have forgotten it) I will update those who are interested. I think it would be a wonderful story for the Setonian!

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My Sunday

Yesterday I was in between the Simpsons and The American Music Awards. I thought in general the awards was good but host Jimmy was a little boring. The Simpsons was funny as usual. I stayed up last night watching Cheaters and the most enjoyable part of the show was when an elder woman confronted her cheating mate in Fridays restaurant. I was laughing so hard last night. Every Sunday I look forward to the shows Simpson, Malcolm in the Middle, and Cheaters. Even though Sundays are dreadful I enjoy them a lot better than Mondays! I finished this amazing book Addicted by Zane. I started the book on Thursday night and finished it Last night around 4 a.m. I was so impressed by Addicted. Zane is one of most favorites authors. I highly reccomend her books. I would love to write a review about Addicted but becuase of the topics and language I would just promote the purchase of Addicted. Well this is mostly how I send my Sundays some may vary not very interesting but suitable for me!

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November 13, 2003

Hey there I been busy for a while but safe to say that I am alright. LOL.

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November 03, 2003

A Wonderful Day to Walk

The breeze was slightly cool and the sun gently baked my skin. I looked around and enjoyed the different color schemes produced by the trees. I went into town today and enjoyed the wonderful view that Mother Nature has bestowed upon us.

I must stay it was beautiful. I love autumn because of the shades of reds, oranges and browns. I especially find it exciting in the countryside where I can really enjoy the nature spectacular events.

I remember driving along the highway going home and my family would come and drop me off for fall break. We would talk about the landscape and pretty it is to see. The air is cleaner. My desires of taking pictures would build up within but I would never have a camera available.

Just walking in this beautiful weather allowed me to have a better connection with nature and not only that but I feel real good because I have been recycling and I am more aware of the importance of giving back to nature.

I was walking and praying to the Lord. Thanking Him for allowing me to see another glorious day that he has mad. My walk into town was very inspirational and comforting. I felt blessed and I feel that I should share my experience.

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November 02, 2003

Happy As Can Be!

Well today is going to be a very blessed day! Thank You Jesus! You all are probably wondering why am I so happy? Well because a new full hour of the Simpsons will be on FOX tonight 8 p.m. /7 p.m. central! I am going to be very happy tonight that's for sure. I am looking forward to watching Homer and the gang. Tonight will be even more exciting when I watch the episodes of Cheaters at 12:30 a.m. on WB. I love watching theses shows especially the Family Guy which was cancelled a couple of years ago but the re-runs are on Cartoon Network Adult Swim Sunday through Thursdays night.

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November 01, 2003

FoodNetwork Website Critique

Well I love watching shows from Food Network but is the website as interesting as the station itself? Well let's see.

Well I love watching shows from Food Network but is the website as interesting as the station itself? Well let's see.

I went Food Network a few times to retrieve recipes and updates. But to give a critical analysis was a lot more challenging. On a personal matter I love the website.
I love to cook and find interesting facts and info about food and the science of it. The website itself is very informative. The only problem I saw was a block of white space that appeared Saturday afternoon. Maybe an advertisement was defaulted I donít know. There are a lot of helpful tips to help a first time web tester to under stand where to go.

Food Network website has a search engine including a large amount of recipes and on the site. The interesting thing about the site is that they have links to their sponsors. By clicking on the sponsors link it takes you to another website that helps diet participants lose weight by counting calories and items to buy to help them on their journey to weight loss. has a lot of advertisements on each page that I visited. The navigational system works will. I think it's better than Martha Stewart herself!
I would like to see more recipes for Holiday events.

Also they would site doesn't have a contact us link. On the contest link they are a lot of white space so maybe more pictures or blurbs of previous contest and offers should be posted so viewers can have a better understanding of what the contest were. Even rules and registrations should be posted also.

The website even have an encyclopedia to help intermediate chefs find facts and info about cooking. There is even a Culinary Q & A. I think the website is very helpful and user friendly. The fondest of the site is not based on my own only likes of the network but because the site is colorful the text is readable. The information is useful and entertaining. If I was to see the website for the first time I wouldn't mind re-visiting the site even before the holidays.

Through I wonder why they chose the cool color green. I was thinking maybe it is a mental thing where green means healthy. I know the color read creates hunger and the color blue is a sign of comfort. The green background gives a nice seems to the atmosphere. When I visit the website I know that some major cooking is going to be taken place on this website.

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