February 18, 2005


My knowledge of Shakespeare is not exactly grand. I’ve read the requisite high school requirements of “Romeo and Juliet”, “Julius Caesar”, and “Macbeth”. So I, unlike some of my other classmates, had no idea about “The Tempest” when I picked it up. I made the assumption that there will be some death and love, as in all of Shakespeare’s plays. Other than that- I was blank.

Gracias a Dios for the introduction. Although it was a bit lengthy, it provided a nice opening for the play. Without it I probably would have plunged into the text, confused as ever. (Although I did not read the bit about the Globe Theatre. If I have to read about it one more time I might scream. Groundlings, the heavens, we get it already.)

I have to give credit to Foster here. While reading the character list I noticed Caliban as being “a savage and deformed slave”. Ding ding ding! Deformed. Deformed=important as in “pay attention to this character, he’ll come into play in a big way.” The deformity wasn’t just something thrown in by Shakespeare on a whim, it has significant meaning. While that meaning may not be entirely clear in the first two acts, I’m sure something will come of it.

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