December 05, 2005

Graduate Paper

Ok, not going to lie, I needed a wildcard entry for my portfolio. I mean, who has time to blog anymore? What with classes, work, and the temptation of the end of the semester lingering near, it's no wonder blogging fell to the side.

Recently, my blog was cited in a graduate student's paper on weblogs in the classroom. Now, let me tell you, if you want to see some high quality paper-worthy blogging, you've come to the right place. I write about whitening gum! But apparently this didn't stop the student.

It isn't a big section of the overall text- actually, when compared to the 135 page text, it looks downright small. Not like I expected the entire paper to be about me or anything...

The student took out a section from my first ever blog entry. I was a freshman, just starting SHU and blogs, and honestly I almost cringe to read it. The early ones were pretty bad. I wish the student would have taken a more insightful entry (say, on pretty much anything else) but I understand why my first was used. It was so bad, it was good.

"Look At Me, I Have A Blog!
I have a blog now. My very own. It's like a baby- mine to mold, change, and create. Hundreds of people (or in my case, about 5) will be able to see my writings. People from other countries even. Hola! Bonjour! Guten Tag! foreign peoples!

I think I may become addicted though. I just found out how to personalize and change the colors. Now, every free moment that I have will be spent changing colors and making the blog uniquely me. Homework? Who needs homework? I have to work on my blog."

I think the student looked a little too far into this entry, however. I was being mildly sarcastic (aren't I always?) when I stated "(or in my case, about 5)". Yet the author took that simple sentence and ran with it. I wasn't trying to get attention with that post (I'm sure the majority of people who read it don't remember that line) and I did understand the public nature of the blogs- I was just trying (trying) to be somewhat funny. In addition, I was hardly being modest when I responded to my own comment. I was just thanking those who had taken time out to read the entry.

While I don't disagree with the student's reading of my blog, I do feel like, it was just a simple entry. Sometimes I wonder if authors really do put all that symbolism and meaning that we find in their works. Maybe they too were just writing and someone took the piece and created a deeper meaning. I certainly didn't have any hidden agenda. It's not that I'm ungrateful to be in a paper (trust me, I am. I told everyone), but I find it interesting how people interpret writings differently.

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