April 9, 2007

Blog With Me, Baby: Porfolio Dos

A collection of some of my best or proof that I spend way too much time coming up with creative entry titles.

Coverage and Timeliness
Mimetic What?- I'm still not completely sure...
Write Me a Picture- Those who can't paint, write
Everyman and Everything- I can't get that Indigo Girls song out of my head
The Gender Gap- Not that there should really be one...
The "Real" Characters- Sometimes a character isn't just a character
Feminism: Take Two- Everyone's favorite topic
*Insert Confused Look Here*- That's just my general expression in life
Conventions, Conventions, Conventions- Think this entry is about conventions?
A Critical Path Indeed- I don't take criticism well
Literary Realism- As opposed to literary fakeism?
And the Circle Continues- No, not the "Circle of Life" from The Lion King
The (Not-So) Mysterious World of Cereno- You can't fool me, Benito
You Disappoint Me, Harrison Ford- And I've come expect so much from you, too
What Do Cans Have to Do With Literature?- Nothing, actually
Mortem for a Modernist- At least it wasn't the formalist
Creating the Text- Yet another form of criticism
I Really Feel Like Buying Jeans Now- You can never have too many jeans
Wright's Right- An extremely obvious play on words, but a good article
The Culture of Lit- It all comes back to culture
Idea/Ideology- Starring Captain Happy and his Unicorn Posse
The Magic of the Tempest- Shakespeare, that old wizard
Ah, the French- The French would creat semiology, too

The Gender Gap
Feminism: Take Two
Conventions, Conventions, Conventions
Literary Realism
What Do Cans Have to Do With Literature?
The Culture of Lit
The Magic of the Tempest

Blog Carnival
Blog Carnival: A Ferris Wheel of Fun

The Gender Gap
I Really Feel Like Buying Jeans Now

Mimetic What?
Feminism: Take Two
A Critical Path Indeed
You Disappoint Me, Harrison Ford
Mortem for a Modernist

Comment Primo
Karissa- New and Improved! Historicism 3000--for all your critical needs, Apparently I Missed a Cool Class Last Week
Valerie- Dragging This Out...

Comment Grande
Karissa- Meaning Garden

Link Gracious
Tiffany- Reality is Just a Part of Life

How Literary Criticism Has Expanded My Life

Portfolio II -- Jerz EL312 (Literary Criticism)

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