October 14, 2007

Newswriting Genius

Ok, so that might have been a little egotistical of me. I'm far from a newswriting prodigy here- but I am learning a lot in the newswriting class. Some of it is review for me from previous journalism classes but a good portion is new too (crime reporting), which will help me become a better reporter. Need proof? Check out a collection of some of my favorite entries below. It's a good collection of what I've learned thus far.

Coverage/Timeliness- this section focuses on entries that demonstrate my progression of knowledge in the class, as well as my ability to post on time

I'm Sorry...- You'd pick that article, too.
Crime on Campus- Not our campus, naturally.
Fiddles and Dinner- Sounds a little back-country, doesn't it?
How Not to be "That" Reporter- And how to be someone better
Less-Than-Serious Crime Stories- Because crime doesn't always have to be so serious
I Think Something's Happening...Somewhere...- Or something like that...

Depth- I go into a little more detail here

Crime on Campus

Interaction- posts that made me feel popular because they created discussion

I'm Sorry...
Fiddles and Dinner
How Not to be "That" Reporter

Comments- Spreading the love

Chapter 3-5...guilty as charged
Purgatory and Cocaine Underwear

Crafting Compelling LeadsWhen to Press as Press?
Jumping Like Lightening!

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Great work, Nessa!

Sorry about the ongoing trackback problems... the comment did the job just fine.

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