Portfolio #4: Time Well Spent

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It is hard to believe that we as a class have come this far. I feel like I have accomplished so much. I feel as if my classmates can say they have done the same. Perhaps I came into this course with my mind in a corner as to what the course would bring. I thought will I last in this class? Make it through? All past thoughts aside I feel that I have finished this course with a better knowledge of Newswriting the importance of News Writing and ow it will pertain to my future encounters. I mean to say the least I took alot of writing course this semester. An this course helped me in my communication courses as well as vice versa.

I am taking magazine writing next semester and I can not explain how excited I am. I plan to look into future career paths with writing and media relations, maybe campaign development if I look wide spread. I see magazine writing to be a big interest of mine. I think that the aaspects that I have learned in this course in regards to reporting and the such will help me further expand in my future courses. I feel like I have gained a better approach to news writing and reporting. The appraoch and perception you make on people before judgement within a article has taught me alot. I really enjoy all aspects of the course even though it frustrates me sometimes. I mean most of my frustration leads to the writing of articles. I never have had a issue gathering information it is just putting it all together to make it presentable and reader friendly that is difficult at times.

Consdidering this to be my last Portfolio for this course. I would like to say thanks to all that have given me feedback, posted comments on my blog, helped me become a better writer, and assisted in my understanding of what news writing is all about.

Coverage and Timeliness: I completed all assigned blogs and posted them all on or before the time that they were due.  I list here only the blogs which did not fall under another category.

Links Article #4

Law School Newspaper

Daily Scope at it's Best Perhaps

Pride for America

Depth: These are a few blogs that I put some extra thought into because they were really interesting to me, and I really jsut had alot to say.

Can you keep a secret?

To Investigate the Future

Advertising Highlight

What is fairness to you? 

Interaction: These are some of my classmates' blogs that got me thinking and which I therefore commented on.

Richelle Dodaro

Gretta Carrol









Discussion: These are some of my blogs which sparked discussion.
Life of New York in 1, 2, and 3

What a Waste


Wildcard: Perhaps I had many intersting indepth articles in this blogging month of November. though two spark my memory where it took me down memory lane and made me think and relate.

To Investigate the Future

Advertising Highlight

Reflections: These are blog entries I wrote to help with class discussion, and give feedback that I learned from my peers blogs, and the discussions we shared as we posted feedback.

Reflection # 13

Reflection #14

Reflection #15

Reflection #16

Reflection #17

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Reflection #17: Blinded by the Light

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Newspapers in my oppinion are sometimes blinded by the light of fame. I recently gained from reading Gretta and Matt's blog post that the aspects of tv and radio can sometimes jepordize the importance that a nes article might be trying to establish jsut as much as any of the other things are trying to publiish. The understanding that I got after reading was fabulous becuase the First Amendment I know but have  I really ever thought about it? Perhaps jst over looked it? That would be me. I mean I try to establish the unbiased and fairess in my articles but it might not always work. I gained a different perspective on the news articles and the relationship it shares with the press and the dividing line of what is fair, unfair. and just crossing the line. Im mean it seems that newspapers make an effort so I feel they diserve the light just as much as anyother distributer of news but you have to make the information provided worth the fame.


Pride for America

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The First Amendment is the state of mind that is what the seminar recently stated as they had some constructive criticism for the speakers and the efforts. There are no First Amendment responsibilities.hmmmm.  The press doesn't have to be fair in order to be free. hmm i don't agree!

 I think that the press should always attempt to be fair obviously to certain extents the miraculous events that take place that prevent that can be tied to the first amendment. Sometimes there is no east way to report certain things. The first amendment states, "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances." I think that the first amendment in regards to the readings is important in the expectations foe reports that are writing the articles and their attempt to be some what fair or unbiased though they might not always meet the  standards they just complete and forget.

For example, "53% of Americans said they believed the press has too much freedom. I think that the press does have a lot of freedom. Though what do you think the extent of their freedom is? I think that after reading the "Fairness and the First Amendment" I have been able to gain more knowledge on the press and what they are capable. The press is like no other industry in American society. It strives on reporting information and the spot light on the wrong and actions of what is happening in the world. The justification that I gathered from this reading is that truthfully the First Amendment is established but is it an overdose of freedom in the eye of America? Under certain conditions is the establishment of free rights being exercised sufficient? The constitutional rights are the rights but we must understand the first amendment at its very best.

When all else fails what we read we judge I do believe.

Reflection #16: Assisting a Find

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After reveiwing multiple friends blogs on the Harvard Pictures lead me to commenting and relfecting. I notcied the easy access to these photos and how they can  be viewed easily by clicking on white dots in the middle near the bottom of the picture. I think that the aspects of visual are important on a front page of a news site. I mean the frustration that these students make me think of how much effort goes into thinking andp osting when desgining a page and if it will be easy for people to catch on the the little tricks and such. I think that my find in how to view the pictures may have been helpful, and contribute to them more success in viewing the site. Angela and Josie were the two students that lead me to this reflection and find.

Daily Scope at it's Best Perhaps

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I really liekd the vibe  got from the page when I first referenced it. I mean some papers just are annoying that there is no bounce of life to the front page and such. I enjoyed the grapohics from the start with the frsh news that was in effect to date, and the round about edge the site gave.

Also, the fact the the pictures went with the articles was a plus. The facts of the budget cuts, and city council reviews supplies. These are good front page topics I thought that relly allowed the audience to gt involved with updated news, that was eiteher on going, or important to the students and community. I really think the hedline for the Board shines light on University finances was a good catch.

Overall, exploring the site I saw advertisments throughout. I thought that the layout was like a timeline of articles broken up in to legit categories. The factor that portrayed that was the Weekly series, the Life Section, and leeter from the editor.

Also, I referenced the print addition of the paper which they had PDF access available to students and the community on the site. For those that I guess would rather look at the paper in a more colorful scence it seems that was what was different the layout was a biit different thougjh on the print additions the first thing online was the first thing demonstrated in the print addition in reference to the budget.


Print Additioin

Law School Newspaper

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My attention was really grabbed by the headlines and like a few other people were the pictures prresented in the very begiining and how they portrayed the series of hot topic articles.

Some of the headlines referenced lecture and such on the campus, also referenced governement activity. Some of the headlines referenced topics such as:

"House Speaker -building consensus for legislation"

"Baylor low professor delivered a library of critisism against the ammerican approach to prosecuting cocaine related charges before an audience of students at Harvad."

All focusing on governent related topics.

The photography om the cite was attractive to my eye i nthe area of the arts. There seemed to be a wide varitety of art information, and updated info with photographs that portray and descirbe what is taking place in the photo. Whould you agree?

The whole time I was reading these articles I was thinking of Legally Blonde, and how the saying goes, "Elle? Yes Warrner? What are you doing here? I go here? You go to Harvard? Yes Warner like its hard... Law School." I basically was thinking the advantages of a high ranked Univeristy with such high standards but there reflection of information seemed vague. I think that they could spark there news up a bit, and even lean a bit more of there focus to the layout.


Reflection #15: Fair to Unfair

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The investigative articles that are currently in progress brought to mind what about the material we research and the fairness of the  material to what we are trying to address in our material, such as is the author of an article you are gathering information from fair to the contents it is providing. It is hard to tell though it is some what like what we talked about recently in class and links and how they are newsworthy, biased, spam, and unneeded feedback possibly. That would be my reflection to the readings and the fairness and quality of material we read and gather information from how fair is it? It also makes me want to be more fair in my own writings to make in beneficial to my reader's and so forth. 

Derek Tickle also referenced fairness in his post whcih sparked my reading and bloggin into this subject here is the link to his article and my comment.

Derek Tickle- November 17, 2009

What is fairness to you?

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Blockbuster #1 News Expression

Newspapers are unfair when: They can't admit that sometimes their is no story

Why breath on a final decision if deep down you know it is not the fairytale ending you hoped for in your news article...

The scene of a movie has now become the hit attraction (note: in my oppinion) to the news articles which are blocked of the details and consumed with assumption. I mean if you think about it to me it is sort of like your judgement and assumption of what a movie is going ot be about. Even how we pick one movie over another at the movie store.

In reflection, these assumptions make it the hardest thing to do which is to persuade a reporter that there simply is no big story here. Making it sometimes utterly impossible becuase reporters are already convinced under their own investigative reporting that their is a story no matter if they are right or wrong.

In relation to the above statements a recent movie that I watched titled Prom Night was a prime example to me of reporting under investigation and crimanal assumptions that are being reported on the news to the community in that particular movie. A prime example of news that could be published in our individual communitys. In one scene the police are in talk mode when they say the reporters are getting anttssyy its kind of like what do we tell them with the investgation still under way? It kind of leads  to the wquestion do we lead them to the story line that "there is no story false alarm" jsut to save the death of teenagers on their prom night being published on the TV screen to family members that have not received notice. It is a horror in itself just thinking about it.

Overall, while reading the article in the [Best Practices to Address the Problem] it is ntoted that reporters should work on developing "fairness skills" This responsibility to take the lead falls to the editors. They should talk about fairness often, both in organized staf meetings and informal conversations with staff members. The fairness of skills is important because the skills portrayed in reporting and investigation in relation to class should be carried through when writing the article. All dimensions and points investigated should be carried  through no matter a reporters assumption.

Fairness=free from bias, dishonesty, or injustice: a fair decision; a fair judge. 

When I looked over the meaing of fairness it was interesting to find the term biased and how being fair leads to unbiased material when in the news field we should attempt to be unbiased and fair as we progress perhaps. Which in my oppinion is the hardest thing in a news distribution to conquer if you know what I mean? You can be fair by being biased but it is a lack there of if you are to biased becaucse then you are not being fair. The benefits in the long run of being fair is the way we look at our writings that are addressed for class and how we write to our target audience which could lead to progress in our very own writings.

What are your oppinions on fairness in the news field, and what are some points that think could lead to better actions of fairness portrayed in published news throughout the media? 


After viewing the website for the New York Times the first thing that poped in to mind was the hit show Gossip Girl. It is the highlight of te WB on Monday nights and a certain favorite to most. It is a new version of what the hit show The O.C. In my recent view of the second season they referenced the New York Times and the ability it takes for a writer to land a job with big newspaper distribuition such as them. The ability it takes to write about something that might not always be your common interest. Overall, this grabbed my attention as a growing professional in the journalism/ communication field and the industries that are prospering in shows, and movies. It was interesting to take a personal experience into acknowledgement while searching the newyorktimes website and how it related to class, and the videos, and visual slides that were up to date and bein viewed by all.

A reflection on a more personal aspect always comes to mind when I am blogging so that is what I reflect on. Although personal exeriences are legit the round circle of the pie when you cut a slice out is the feedback you get from your peers when they ask you a question about what you blogged on.


andrew says, "You said in your first paragraph that you aren't much of a fan of the news. Do you feel that the increasing amount of videos and slide-shows on news websites such as The New York Times will change your view of the news?"

I responded, "In a way possibly but its hard to say. I am more of a visual person so seeing the news in pictures, and topics from events that I have watched defitnately get me more pumped about the news, and what I believe is accurate. I guess it could just make me more judgemental, but considering that I am into the video thing rather than reading a 800 word article definately getds my attention. So to answer your question I would have to say yes it would because it would give me more to go on overall in the end."

I guess that makes my overall reflection the point of view in which I seek the visual trend of news within newspapers to be, and how it affects me at the end of the day. He realyl made me think when he asked that question. Because I was being honest when I said I don't take much time out of my day for the news/ newspaper. Though I am a more visual learner so picures, and effects do me well.



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The links listed bleow are some of which within my investigative reporting will allow for good insight to the history, and importance on the print issue being confronted at Seton Hill University Campus.



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