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 When I was younger it was all about the alphabet and how you wrote the letters. Now it is all about the word count in a sentence. You might experiment with the 5 word sentence. While the rest of us are stuck on should we keep our "average". The average word count 16-17 words. Cappon states," There is no absolute rules of good writing- generalizations are instantly riddled with exceptions- but the principle of the 16- word average comes closest." You need to think wisely when posting sentences more than 20 words. Maybe consider dropping a prepositonal phrase, or making that "period" appear to the readers.

 Furthermore, Cappon gives examples as to what things can help narrow, and make sentences more appealing. Personally, I focus on the the beginings of my sentences a bit to much. With though, although, and the such. He gives information as to how to prevent using those, and the purpose as to why using them can be a lengthy unneedy add on. If we shorten the individual sentences in words that are more appealing and useful to the overall audience.

You want to cherish your abjective, and make the wrods used sustainable in the readers mind. Be simple and direct. The fact is easier said, then done.

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