AP oh Dear..

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I find that APA can be a challenege. I mean I've been taugt MLA my whoe life now expanding to APA. Oh.Dear.

I think that the rules established by APA format are good enough that my papers will come out well revised. When reading about the acronyms I said, " I always use abreviations." It reflection of all the texting I do I think it has taking a toll on my writing overall. I was conducting my profile interview and jsut abbreviated the organizations in which my peer was involved in. I didn't think to write out the whole thing. Which could come into a hassle when you write the whole paper/ article because by then you have completed so many other things.

Such as capitlization I never capatilize. I just type and let it go. I mean it is really not that hard to press the shift key but I forget.

So APA is good it just alot of rules to take under. An there confusing at times. Like don't lowercase president before the comma. I would most likely capatilize. It is an overall thinking process.

In regards to the article I think that the conclusion would most likely not end with a quote. Yow would want o put slightly less important information into so that in regards to journalist putting in large and small articles the ending cut be cut if need be. The article maybe not being super improtant but jst a thought.

Also, the line on Inky's contributions what fact establish this you would most likely want to expand.

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