Bus Plunges What Next.

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"What else do reporters do to save time, be creative. In such a a time crunch?"

The article by Dr. Jerz I found hilarious. I mean journaslist in the crunch of time come up with titles and effects to make he story a hit. I would most likely read an article wth that title. I mean you know it has to do with a bus but to what extent.

Though to some extent it could set off the wrong vibe for articles in my oppinion. Lik be to much of a joke to read. People like seriousness, and news that relates a bus plunge might not always grab there attention. I did find the statment to be catchy. But the aspects of a tragic bus event facing he nation could be upsetting and filler like that might not do.

So I think more thought out titles are the key.


Derek Tickle said:

Titles that provide more detail are better because they give the reader an understanding of what the article is going to talk about. But can we always write a detailed title in the newspaper? A time crunch is very important because the article is due and someone can't simply go to the next event that occurs. I, too, think that a bus accident could scare some people because it involves a death and is not a happy event.

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