Ch.3 "Like a fiddle string?"

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A good lead is something that you must think about and anyalze. Cappon metioned that much news is repetitive: wa, crime, disaster.So I thought his key was a good point to anyalze what is different about each article. You have to have a small hook that grab the readers.

I also found it interesting that when getting our facts out we tend to mumble, and go off on a whim to get to much information across. Verbs are a good choice that crop the leads so the aren't as wordy and can be recognized as good information. 

When you anyalze your 5 W's you must experiment on the improtance and the overall goal you are tryin to meet. Leads can sky rocket if you make the right catch understandable by the readers.

The information by Cappon also realizes time and the restraint that fixing and contemplating can do to a lead. "There is no ready formula. You must use your ear as well as your eye." In leads every word counts.


Josie Rush said:

Did you notice the list of verbs that Cappon described as "crutches"? I found this pretty enlightening and helpful.

Angela Palumbo said:

Ah yes, Josie, those "crutch" words are very good.

Wendy,the 5 W's and 1 H do need good action verbs to describe them. Everyone would rather read, "The 20-pound dog rescued the little boy by biting him as he was about to cross the street as a car careened out of control" than "The dog was courageous when he rescued the boy".

Wendy Scott said:

I think I remember reading over it while reading the text. Some of the crutch words were interesting I think more so because I use them to much they are really helpful though. And Angela I much agree with your quote.
I mean we need some humor and active visual in the mind. The format layout of W's helps.

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