Chapter1 & 2 Scared me!

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I mean so I think alot when I am reading. It helps me understand the overall concept of what I am trying to understand I guess. Weird okay!

I found the statment that was quoted from the text about "slight rewording produces dramatic result so true." I trend to be a wordy writer which gets me no where except with a bunch of extra inforamtion and unclearness of the overall topic or purpose of what I am writing about.

I also found the Mark Twain, who also had writing experience, once told a young corespondent, "When you catch an adjective, kill it." I found that valuable because it isn't something I think about or consider doing. I write what come to mind and let that be the end of it. I also found it interesting how the text stated the adjectives you will use less modfiers. Which in long-term could lead to an advantage.

Some really helpful information that I thought would even help with my profile and news releases that I have been completing over the weekend was the three questions.

1. Have I said what I meant?

2. Have I put it as concisely as possibele?

3. Have I put things as simply as possible?

You must not write for the readers understanding, but make sure you as a writer have goten your point across that you want them to understand in the end.

I think I am going to consider picking words wisely!


Derek Tickle said:

The questions that you produced are excellent because of how they zoom in on what you are trying to say without have all of those additional words. I wrote a blog about newspapers and fluff. No one wants to read fluff in a news article because we would rather read the facts to quickly find out what occurred and what the result was. I believe that Cappon wrote the first two chapters in order to describe what we should and should not be writing or looking for when writing. Overall, I am glad that you are now able to look at your writing and discover what is wordy and/or what needs to be cut. Good Job!

Derek Tickle said:

I chose your blog for my reflection. News Worthiness vs. News Wordiness

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