Clark & Scalon 294-302

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 The language of journalism is fundamental in the process of News Writing. The goals are characteristic and constitute as the important elements in the stories we read on a day to day basis. The active elements in journalism I also found intersting becuase I am very active- "the active vocie" is important to me as a individual. You are getting the material that was seen, it is direct observation. If i were reporting I would want to be where the action is taken place. It is where I could show personality and be active in a news field.

 The  "right branching sentence" I found interesting how the main clause is on the right and the all the other elements branch off on the right. The variation of John McPhee and John Steinbeck, were  noted as creating page after page of right branching sentences. Though the effect was almost invisibile. The overall assumption of this is that it will make it clearer the writing to the reader that is.

The democratic view of this reading I found to be true. I mean writing can be reviewed as public discourse . Though the impulses I have noticed in newswriting before and the [plain] view is understandable because you acknowledge more vision and purpose through news writing. The establishment of metaphors and the such make it possible to have a particular understanding. Which in reltion can be due to the plain aspect of writing and description that we visualize.



Derek Tickle said:

Wendy, I like to hear that you are an active writer or observer because this not only adds to the journalism field, but it helps make the articles crisper and very fact based. If an event occurred, then I would assume that you would want to be front and center to find out what is going on, why, and you can you get quotes from. You seem like you would be a great journalist because you are self-motivated and want to get the information and make that article!

I liked how you mentioned the democratic view in news articles. Many newspapers that I have read, not mentioning any, have contained some words, i.e. metaphors that lean towards a conservative or liberal point of view. I think that journalists should put their political views aside and just write the facts, but sometimes this is a very difficult task.

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