Cut Me Now or Else!

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Brakenridge man shot fleeing robbery attempt:

I n my understanding the depth and style are hard to focus on in such a small article that consists of very few key points, and is gained quickly in a reporters eye. The article is similiar to a filler except it is important. The style aspects if you narrow it down in my oppinion would be to consider organization. Becuase the lead in this particular article held information in regards to the community. So when you have to get an article out in a time crunch. You have to get the information out that is required for the story to be legit.

Such as, The information fled the scene is important, the description and the action. The victim is the action . The depth consists of the facts and the events that took place on that date, and representation of anyalization that you give. You need o basically back up you statements and your crime report with acurate information to give a depth of understaniding to your readers/ target audience.

Plea deal reached in Jeannette enslavement, kidnap case:

- the acual news was that the charges were announced and made against the three criminals

1. Jonathan being charged with rape

2. Cythia charged with interferance with custody and false imprisonment

3. Tabitha was charged with unlawful restraint

The overall facts of this article was the crime report had been filed months previous, This article just gave insight to the charges that were giving. The news is the alleged charges that have been finalized. The stuff that is unneeded is the relapse of crime that happened months ago the discussion now should be the outcome of felons. Are they being put away? Which is yes!

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