I love Ducks (Quack)...and Strawberries..Yummie!

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Ok so the article caught me off guard but I mean when you read something it can go either direction you make it, Then fool you. This article got me.

Though was interested to read about the different things that the Organic foods, and the way the ducks tied into. When I got to the bottom of the article I finally caught on. The fact that the personal profile and the relation to cooking came together with the strawberries and the ducks becuase the organic produce.. I found it interesting how the author conducting the profile incorporated the basis of her visions, and the not the line. And the fact there were direct quotes that directed back to the focus of the profile.

I think I got this confusing though.


Jessie Krehlik said:

This article caught me off guard as well. The whole anecdote about the ducks at the start of the article threw me off. I was thinking, "what kind of a profile could somebody write about a truck full of ducks?" And then I read the rest of the article and it all kinda clicked. The author did a great job of mixing co-workers' stories with examples of the organic food and also stories provided by Walters herself. All in all, I thought this was a nice change of pace from what we've been reading lately.

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