"Light..Camera..Action.." in my Blog History?

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For my first time experience with blogging I suggest that I get more percise with my enteries, and up to date on my comments. I just figured out where comments were tonight I feel bad.

Anyway the essences of my blogging history over that past few weeks I guess you could say it is negative and positive. I get the overall basis of blog enteries and the purpose. Am I enjoying it not so much.. yet. I hope in the up coming weeks to get faster, and more into the technology of online posting. I barely replie to facebook comments let alone my own personal blog... sad story. Though give me a paper, and i will research it and have it to you asap. I feel like my blog has had a significant impact thus far on the EL 227 course because it has allowed me to expand my oppinion and let others reflect, and give feedback. It means alot to me to be able to speak and let others see my interpretation. I just get overwhelmed with the feedback.

1. Coverage: The coverage that I have portrayed in my blogs are of knowledge and understanding. I have gained some ideas from peers, and followed through with referenced material in previous classes for example Writing Corporate Communication!

Readings 70-72 Obituaries and Funeral : The summary of death. The key points in which helped me understand the basis of an Obituarie and key ideas that came to mind when positng this blog.

News and I 2009 : The overall assumption I have on the news  in a powerpoint. I don't watch that much news... Bad? I know!

Chapter 1& 2 Scared Me! : How to make my articles less fluffy and more newsworthy.

Truly Remarkable : What my peers get out of news, and the effect that results in my world, our nation, and all over.

I Love Ducks (Quack)...and Strawberries...Yummie! ; the essential veiw and article gives, and how I broke it down to an overall understanding

Clark & Scalon 294-302 : this gives you a more active voice anaylsis of my work, and the dmocratic veiw in the essecences of news articles.

Bus Plunges What Next? : the significance of a Bus Plunge and my overall observation of improtance

AP oh Dear... : I talk abput APA all through my blog but in reality am talking about AP. Oppsy!

What Death Tolls Become in a Bus Plunge. : Two articles that I reseached on line! Bus Plunges onlin hard to find..Well I had a hard time finding different ones I kept getting the same bus plunges.

Ch. 3 "Like a Fiddle String?"  : Let's get them "Crutch Words" going!

ABC...to...Word Count: "average"- 16 words..period!

Use the Crosswalk: My obituary of an inclass mock recording of a death being reported. Took notes, wrote up my fabulous obituary.


2. Depth: My over all blog has been referenced amongst the Chapter Readings. After reading directions and the obvious reasoning behind depth. I hope to do some furhter research in my future blogs to allow me to have better sources of information in a bundle.

What Death Tolls Become in a Bus Plunge

Use the Crosswalk

Chapter 1 & 2 Scared Me!

3-4 Interaction & Discussions: My discussions I have managed to post some input on a couple of peers blog. Being nice, and furtherin the conversation with questions or agreement. I haven't really disagreed with a post before but there could be such an occasion in the near furture.

Chapter 1 & 2 Scared Me!

Readings 70-72 Obituaries and Funerals

Use the Crosswalk : Jeanie commented on my blog in regards to the use of "Mr." and how we should refrain

Clark & Scalon 294-302: Derek Tickle made a comment about my views on accurate information

Note: There is more I want to add here but Idk how to find the blogs that I have made comments on?

5. Timeliness: Ok so most of my enteries, all of them basically are posted before class. Some days in advance others not so much. The basic understanding is I need work with my blogs if the discussion should have multiple commenters. These are a few examples of time management.

Clark & Scanlon 294-302

Bus Plunges What Next?

News and I 2009

What Death Tolls Become in a Bus Plunge.

AP o h Dear...

These are the blogs that I turned in 24hours in advance. The ones that I did turn in at the begining of the season is because they were being entered on the Seton Hill page rathere my e-mail or other.

6. Xenoblogging: I am posting my blog but how do I bring up previously commented information on peers blog?

I have commented some good information on a few different individuals.

I am attaching a URL of a reflection I did for a post by Richelle Dodaro!


7. Wild Card: This one I felt as if I got good feed back on the both of them. Considering what I wrote my peers made the best of it and gave me good insight to why they liked my post.

I Love Ducks(Quack)...and Strawberries...Yummie! 

Clark & Scalon 294-302 

I think on my post in general I need improvement. I also feel that I type to fast which reflects in alot of typos that I have scene through completion of this Portfolio.

I think my next one will be alot better!


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